Thursday, October 16, 2008

Watch out, Trump!


So for some reason, the boys decided we needed to play Monopoly last night, and we dragged out the gameboard from the playroom closet. They didn't understand at first why we had two sets of everything, until Hub and I remembered that we'd combined two sets back in graduate school, the better to finance our 7-hour marathon games. Halfway through the game, I looked under the second board and found the little ziplock bag full of "maverick" cards and the blow-by-blow analysis of a couple of said eternal games. Most of them punished the player most ostentatious in his braggadocio about amassing large fortunes at the expense of others; some of them were designed explicitly to remove property from the most-organized among us (ahem, that would have been ME, with all multi-colored cash lined up facing the same direction and in neatly aligned rows). Digging through the "maverick" cards (really just scraps of paper with scribbles on them) and remembering all the inside jokes in them, I forgot the game at hand and was transported back to my tiny graduate apartment, where we holed up for hours at a time, all of us twenty-something wanna-be academians, and played the hell out that game. At the time, the most REAL money we ever had was when we deposited the semesterly financial aid check and went hog-wild at Snuffer's before having to pay for books and rent. And the houses we coveted were tiny little plastic boxes thaat could easily be swiped once someone had too much rum & coke and quit paying attention to the board. Life was pretty simple then, I gotta say!

ORN 10/15: 2.3 miles around the neighborhood after the Monopoly game; total time: 24:02, nearly a minute less than the same route two nights earlier. Running streak was broken Tuesday, but we're still gonna aim for 30/31
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