Monday, October 13, 2008

Lucky 13

13 for 13. 13 runs in 13 days in October. Go me. 2.3 miles in 24:50; did the same route last week in 24:25. But today I had my old running buddy with me. I somehow convinced Elder Child to come out with me for one lap. He wasn't thrilled about it, but he got through the first lap of 1.4 miles without dying, cramping or puking. Go him. He hadn't been running with me since before his surgery, way back in the fall of 2006. It was nice to have him with me. I have to say, though, he's a hecka lot faster now as a 13 year old who stands 5'1" than as a little boy with short little legs! But the boy's got no endurance -- about the time I got warmed up he was starting to get gassed. He's used to the short bursts of activity on the ice rink, not longer runs. Maybe I'll be able to keep him out there withe me. I think he came with tonight since he was bored out of his mind from being out of school for Columbus Day.

anyhoo -- gotta run. got a few more emails to send out before I turn in for the night.

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