Sunday, October 05, 2008

two, two, two miles

yeah, I know. It's supposed to be my long run day. But Hub and Elder Child were gone on their overnight trip, so it was just me and TDP DinoBoy this morning, which meant no run for me this morning. Instead we slept in, had a nice simple breakfast, and then headed back out to the school carnival for day two of booth duty. Afterward, my new sister-in-law was at my in-laws' waiting for all the guys to get back, so we headed over there to visit and catch up. I hadn't seen her since right after the wedding, and it was nice to have a little bit of time to just chat. But there went the afternoon, so no chance to go to the gym.

Later on, while the Cowboys were playing one of the ugliest games since, um, last week, I took TDP DinoBoy to the rink for a little extra ice practice, then we had to scurry over to Michael's for art supplies for a science project. By that time, it was pretty late, and I thought I'd have a chance to run outside. But, the science project needed a little constructive critique and artistic direction (in other words, I had to teach the boy how to tie the pipe cleaners together for his 3-D model of Chromium), and before I knew it, TDP DinoBoy was ready for to call it a night. We picked up a copy of The Hobbit at the carnival's book nook yesterday, and I'd promised him we'd read before bed. Just like that, it was 9:15 and too late to run outside. So, I had to hit the treadmill for the requisite 2 miles. If not for this little project of mine, I'd easily have just hung on the couch with the cats. So, it's good for a little motivation, if nothing else.

The next week is going to be crazy, but ultimately fabulous if I can survive. I'll do my best to keep posting, and it's non-negotiable that I get in a run every day, but I can't promise anything beyond that. It's getting late, so I've gotta tuck in now.

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