Sunday, March 31, 2013


I'm not overly religious. I joke that I was raised as a "Lapsed C&E Catholic" because of how I practice (or don't practice) my faith. But theology aside, I have been floating through the past few months here feeling decidedly blessed. There's just all kinds of goodness going on my life, professionally and personally, and just in everything. I haven't been blogging about it, but it is there anyway.

But I did want to share, just a tad of why I'm so happy lately. Seriously, I'm crazy goofy with the cracking myself up sometimes. Is my life perfect? Ha, absolutely not. My house is a trainwreck and there may be people getting dressed in the den because that's where the clean laundry is stacked up. But there is too much to do to really bother with simple things like chores, right?? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.. But I digress.

You know I'm going to do this with photos, right? Because, duh.

My love, my life. Smiling and happy. 
With my sweet baboo at the baseball game. What more do I need in life? 

The day we shot a Texas Rangers commercial. 18 different kinds of awesome!

These two. My mind-sharing confidants. Keep me sane. 
The FIGJAM crew after Cowtown. Good friends to help me through a rough day. 
Started my new job last month. It's a great place with a bright future. 
And it has a beautiful campus, just a short drive from home. 
Best day ever. Reaching, pushing, smashing through limits. 
Celebrating Mary's birthday race at Grasslands. In front of port-a-potties. Of course. 
Flat on my #bottom after a little slide in the mud. And having the time of my life!
So much fun with Katie on her first half. Lightning, thunder, hail, mud be damned! 
We bring the noise. And the jingle. FIGJAM cheer squad!
Dressy brunch. Because we can. 
Almost 18. Headed to my alma mater in a few months. Talented, smart & handsome. 
My gamer guy. Super-sharp, sweet, and growing like a weed. Obsessed with all things 80s. 
So, on this Easter afternoon, after sharing a delicious ham dinner with my little family, I  truly am thankful for all that I have. I don't express it often enough, but I am. And as I contemplate whether I should head out for a humid run, saddle up Rev and go for a ride, or hang out on the couch with my sweetie watching MLB Network, I think that if these are my toughest choices this week, well, I guess I'm doing pretty good!

What are YOU thankful for? What is blessing your life lately?