Monday, February 06, 2012

Stuff Ultra Crews Say

There is much awesomeness that goes on during the wee hours of the night during an endurance event, when your runners are out pushing their limits in the cold and dark, and the crews & pacers are back at base, waiting for them so we can spring into action for a quick few minutes before sending them on their way again. It gets late, and we get punchy. Stuff doesn't always makes sense, everyone is sleep-deprived yet wired, and things just get fun. We made smores, tried on each other's shoes, played math games as we figured out paces and lap times, and just generally hung out. It was 18 bajillion kinds of fun. It's exhausting and thrilling to just be a part of it all and soak in the atmosphere.

I have much to say on a serious note of congratulations for all the incredibly awesome folks who toed the line at Rocky Raccoon 100/50 mile this weekend, but before it gets out of my head, I have to post some of the Things Ultra Crews Say (YouTube video to be shot at the next one of these things):

10) Who ate all the Pringles?!!
9) Have you ever sat in a camp chair for 12 hours? It's not comfy. At ALL!
8) Man, it's cold out here. Would totally suck to be running in this...  (huddled under a blanket near a propane heater)
7) Can you slurp that ramen a little more quietly?  We're trying to sleep here!
6) Man, we're almost out of beer!!
5) Bummer, my phone is nearly dead. How will I tweet?
4) DUDE. Your feet are JACKED!!! Does that hurt?
3) Have you thrown up yet?
2) One more lap!!

and the Top Stuff that Ultra Crews Say:
1)  I wish they'd hurry up. I'm getting kinda sleepy.

HUGE Congrats to Ninja, Matt, Fawn, Jeremy, Melissa, Suann, Lesley, Ali, Tony, Dat and Derek, plus all of the other runners who braved rain, muck and mud for a chance to be awesome. You rock my world!