Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Petty Thoughts

went for a run this morning. things just start out better when you hit the streets early, y'know? Of course, that didn't keep me from having a complete meltdown and verbally barfing on my trusty pal DK today. Something about getting a showing report that pretty much says, "We LOVED your house when we came by at 8:00 pm on a school night and measured the rooms, but we signed a contract on new construction the next day. Sorry, thanks!" that causes me to meltdown. Crazy me.

anyhoo, i also knew that I'd have to run this morning because tonight Hub and I have tickets to Tom Petty. Wahoo! We were originally going to drive down to Houston for Friday night's show since we didn't think I'd be in town during the week, but since I'm working from Casa de Skatemom these days, we traded them for tickets for the local show. Should be all kinds of fun, even with the drive to Dallas (ugh...). Might make it harder to get up in the morning for tomorrow's run, is all I'm saying...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shoot Me Now

went running this morning, if you can call it that. very slow, because I didn't go out until after 7:00, so by the time I hit the streets, it was already in the 80s with a TON of humidity in the air. Five miles total, and because of the HR monitor and my inability to maintain a low heart rate while running, or even while walking uphill, in a total time of 1:09. I don't even want to do the math on that one (OK, I couldn't help it, I did the math: 13:48. SHOOT ME NOW). Whatever, at least I was able to pull myself out of bed this morning. Small victories and all that.

Alicia and I went for a 5-mile walk yesterday -- folks are using her neighborhood as a training route for the Komen 3-Day coming up in November, and she got nostalgic for our weekend long walks. So we fell right back into it, and finished 5 miles easy-peasy, no problem, are we done already?? It was nice to have time to catch up. Especially since weekends are going to start getting crammed soon with Scouts and hockey and all that stuff that takes up our time and fills our lives.

Anyhoo, it's Sunday, which around here means laundry day. Gotta make sure Elder Child has clean clothes for his first day of 8th grade. Jeez, louise, I have an 8th grader? Seriously, SHOOT ME NOW.

Friday, August 22, 2008

because I HATE having that post at the top

the pity party isn't over, not by any means. I'm still frustrated and upset by things that shouldn't bother me as much as they do. I think it's a general feeling of drifting, of not being in control of things, that is making me cranky and insane. On the surface, things are great, and underneath, they are still great. But for some reason (entitlement? selfishness? greed? All of the above?) I feel like I should have these other pieces fall into place as well. Is that so unreasonable? Probably it is, but those of you who know me in real life will not be surprised to hear me admit that tend to have, um, higher standards. I expect a lot of myself and of those around me. I expect to have things go my way, and when they don't go according to my well-laid-out plan, I kind of don't know how to deal. Like right now. I don't know how to deal with not being able to see visible results of all my efforts. I don't know how to deal with not being in control of the housing market, and the 72 foreclosures in my neighborhood that are driving my home's value into the sewer, of when and where my next work assignment is. I just don't like it. So does that help explain why I'm being such a grouch? Maybe, but probably not. If I were talking to myself, I'd probably tell myself to go build a bridge and get over it. Whatev.

anyhoo, I have only taken one day off this week, and that was Wednesday, when I was just so fried by things going on that I just couldn't bear going out into the hot Texas evening for a run. But besides that, I've stuck to the running, and have even fit in some flexibility and strength and balance stuff thanks to the Wii Fit pack we got last weekend. It's pretty awesome if not a bit elementary, but the kids love it, and I get some accountability with it if I don't log in and at least do a fit test every day. so it's pretty cool. I do like the way the little Mii voice says, "Measuring, measuring" at the beginning. We all walk around saying that now. I hate the balance games, since I am so uncoordinated, but the rest of the stuff seems pretty fun as we start to unlock things. I especially like the soccer game where they pelt soccer balls, cleats and pandas at you. Weird, yes, but hilarious at the same time.

so, I'm trying to get a better outlook on things and convince myself that things always end up the way they're supposed to and maybe I need to let some things go. It's not easy to do, that's for sure. But I'm trying. Really. I. Am. Wish me luck. Peace out folks for now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


for the radio silence. things are not working out the way I wanted them to with the house. as much as I tell myself that it doesn't matter, that we're still lucky to have what we have, it still sucks. couple that disappointment and frustration with continued physical issues, and I'm slipping into a funk here. trying to keep it together, but it's just hard. and reading how great all these other folks are doing with their training and their progress toward their physical goals is discouraging instead of motivating. I find myself envious and resentful that everyone else on the planet seems to have time and energy to work out, to go on these monumental rides, to run a flippin' 8:00/mile, even though they all have jobs and kids and husbands/wives/partners, and here I am, stuck three steps behind where I was last summer, with all these lofty goals and aspirations drifting further away instead of gaining the clarity of focus that comes with getting closer to those goals. I don't have enough time, and my energy is drained more quickly than I can replenish it, and my clothes don't fit, and my responsibilities are ever-shifting and oppressive and I can't fucking run any faster than 13-minute-miles without my damn HR monitor beeping at me, and I'm. just. tired.

so, yeah, forgive me if I don't post today. You wouldn't want to read it anyway.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It Only Hurts a Little Bit...

so, I didn't run today (and won't, even though it's not quite 9:00 PM). I meant to run early this morning, before leaving for the championship playoff game at the rink. But the game started at 8:00, so we had to leave by 6:45ish, which would have meant getting up at 5:00ish to be out and back and showered in time. So, um, no. I'm all about the commitment and all, but it IS Saturday. Come on. Seriously.

So Plan B was to grab a run at the gym this afternoon, after the game. But that didn't happen. Why? Because we spent the morning after the game at the ER. Yeah, the thing about hockey is that there are injuries aplenty, especially when the game gets physical, like it did with these two teams, who have been rivals all season long. So, when push came to shove, and Elder Child was between the shover and the boards, something had to give. And that something turned out to be his collarbone.

The good news? It wasn't the one he broke a couple of years ago... the bad news? It hurts just as much as the one from a couple of years ago. Oy. So, yeah, we spent the day tending to my little chick with his broken wing. Poor guy. He didn't want to leave the rink until after the game was over, even though it happened in the first five minutes of the game. He actually only had about two full shifts before he got dinged, and while he tried to go out for a third, it was painfully evident that it wasn't going to help the team for him to be out there. So he watched the rest of the game with an ice pack on his shoulder, pads out, helmet on, standing off the bench and cheering the team on between grimaces. He did get the game puck, and the team did win, so he showed up at the hospital afterward wearing his medal. Very nice. And when they asked when it happened, we had to sheepishly say, "um, about two hours ago... he didn't want to leave the game, the post-game photos, and the locker room party..." and feel like real winners in the parenting game.

Whatever, he wouldn't have left if he was doing a Monty Python one-arm missing with blood spurting, not at this game. It was close at first, and very intense, and his team pulled it out. The core of this team has played together since they were about nine years old, so it was very bittersweet that this is the last season they'll all be on the same team. This fall, they scatter to different travel teams, JV teams, or house teams in different age groups. So this was special. And a run didn't seem to be as important today as I thought, when it was all said and done. I'll hit the streets for a good hour+ run tomorrow morning, since the only activity on the docket (besides laundry) had been the first day of hockey camp. Yeah.

Peace out folks, it's almost time to watch MP make history. Catch you on the other side.

Friday, August 15, 2008

short update

ran Wednesday -- just under 46 minutes; 13:11/mile pace
ran Thursday -- just over 49 minutes; 13:08/mile pace
ran Friday -- just under 42 minutes; 13:07/mile pace
I LIKE that trend. Getting this HR thing under control.

Saw Clone Wars -- pretty good for a cartoon

Hub got me an iPod Touch for our anniversary -- HE ROCKS!!

Michael Phelps -- unfreakin' believable

Hockey, hockey, hockey -- that has become my life. Which is not a bad thing. Especially when it's 100+ degrees outside! The rink is nice and cool -- sometimes too cool!

Gotta run -- early playoff game tomorrow AM, so I need to run early to get back and be ready to head out to the rink.

Small Victory -- Even though it was raining (with lightning and thunder) this morning and I didn't run outside, and even though we were trying to get to the movie by 6:30, I jumped on the treadmill for 42 minutes and got the workout in. It would have been SOOOO easy to skip it altogether, but I didn't do it. Go me!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

make it happen

so, yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about it. I made it happen today, when I could have very easily bailed.

I tried to run this morning, but I got followed by a little dog, who I was sure was going to get hit by a car since he kept coming behind me, even when I tried to cross streets and get away from him. He seemed pretty well trained and very friendly, but he was filthy, no collar, and was limping on occasion. I couldn't keep going to the park knowing he was behind me, so I turned back after about half a mile and called animal control. I tried to put the little guy in the back yard to keep him safe until they arrived, but the little booger dug out in about three minutes. I found him three doors down eating toast with the neighbors. I went back outside and sat with him on the front porch while I worked, waiting until the animal control folks showed up, but I ended up having to go inside after about two hours. The morning run that I have come to rely on just didn't happen.

Then, I worked most of the day, in between feeding the kids, shuttling them to grandma's, and finding the last few required school supplies. Then, dinner, a few last emails, and the last episode of Season 1 of Dexter. OMG, I LOVE!! Dexter! I can't believe we didn't know about this show until now. We must find Season 2 ASAP! Anyhoo, once I got the boys to bed and caught up on the Olympics (GO MICHAEL PHELPS! Sidebar: WHEN DOES HE BREATHE??? He amazes me, plain and simple.), I decided that I had to go out. So it was 9:45? So what? I needed to run. So I did. I added on to this morning's run cut short, and ended up with the following for the day:

Time: 56:50
Mileage: 4.3
Pace: 13:13
Avg HR: 133

That is all. Gotta blast -- TDP DinoBoy starts 2nd grade tomorrow, so we have to get to bed soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


yeah, I know, I live in Texas, what the heck did I expect? But, dang, it is hot out there. I didn't leave for my run until about 10:45, because the Elder Child had a playoff game early and it just didn't work out. I had a hair appt at noon,so I had very little time to hit the road and make it happen. I headed out toward the park and almost immediately the higher end HR alert went off once I got moving. It was VERY tough to keep it under 142, esp at the end, once I turned around and headed for home. The heat was just too much. During the parts of the trail that are in semi-shade it was a little easier, but pretty much I walked the last quarter of the route. Couldn't be helped. But, [SMALL VICTORY], I did get out and get it done, when it would have been just as easy (nay, easier) to sit on the couch and watch Season 1 of Dexter (which, btw, OMG, I LOVE that show/man/whatever!!).

So there you go. As soon as we find the school supply list, it's off to Target to get all the stuff that's needed. Sigh, I can't believe summer is nearly over. Gotta blast!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Morning Run

so, I got up and ran again this morning, "run" being a subjective term around here these days. It's extraordinarily demoralizing to be passed by an old guy with monster headphones shuffling by you, when you KNOW that if you weren't paying attention to your heart rates you could blow by him without even thinking about it. But, since we're only in week 2 of LHR training, we have to suppress those urges, and smile and wave when the old slow guy PASSES US! Sigh. No matter, this is all good and will be for the best. Base building, base building, base building.

Total time run was 42 minutes and change, nearly exactly what we did yesterday's run on the same route. So there's some consistency there.

SMALL VICTORY -- HR alert didn't go off once in the first half of the run, not even when I was climbing the small rise at the edge of the park (in pre-San Fran days, I'da called that a hill, but I know better now!), so I'm getting better at recognizing my upper limit and adjusting pace when needed relative to the terrain. Go me!

That is all. gotta blast and finish up the loads of laundry from the trip. Ugh.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Running Run-Down

in an effort to make this a running blog again (heh -- good luck with that!), I have decided to journal my daily activity here, including a section we will heretofore call "Small Victory." A Small Victory is just that -- a decision that I made that was better than the one I *might* have otherwise made, related to my health, my fitness plan, my eating. Or, it could be a breakthrough in the training, or a "Wow, that was great," completely unrelated to the health, fitness or eating, but otherwise made me feel like it's worthwhile to put effort toward the health, fitness and eating part of my life. So, look to that in the days to come.

Before we start again (is it me, or are we ALWAYS starting again around here? sigh), I need to give you a rundown of the run/walks I completed on the trip to Colorado. As I said earlier, I did manage to fit in a run nearly every there, and the one day I didn't run early, Elder Child and I did a 45-minute hike in Golden, so I'm counting that.

Wednesday -- Nothing planned. Flew into Denver early, then drove to Aspen. Had a light dinner at my brother's then we walked into town for dessert (for the kids! -- honest I didn't have any. Of my own...). But we did get in a leisurely 30-minute walk all told.

Thursday -- 40-minute walk/run along the Rio Grande Trail near our hotel. Gorgeous. Hard to keep the HR down, but nice.

Friday -- 55-minute walk/run along the Rio Grande Trail. This time, I was a little more acclimated to the altitude and was able to go a little further before I had to head back. But I headed back a different way, and ended up going down a different road toward town (OK, I admit it, I GOT LOST! but what a place to get lost!). Much more walking than running in the second half, mostly because of rolling hills.

Saturday -- headed down toward the path along the creek that cuts through downtown Golden. One option was to head toward the Coors plant, the other was in the opposite direction. The clerk at the hotel recommended the other. What he didn't tell me was that there are mountain lions and bears in the brush on the other side. And I didn't find out until I'd hit the trailhead, a good 10 minutes past where the paved path ended. Eeep! The sign told you what to do if attacked! I opted for climbing the hill toward the country road above me, and then took a LONG detour back toward town. OK, I admit it, I GOT LOST! But I preferred that to being EATEN BY A BEAR!

Sunday -- nothing early. After the reception that went on past 11:00 PM, I was too beat to even consider waking up. Then we had to pack and change hotels and see the sights in Golden. So I decided that if I didn't run, it would be OK. Ended up we went on a great 45-minute hike on Dinosaur Ridge. Challenging but not too much. Definitely got the HR up, but more because of the steepness than the difficulty level of the path. Then, we did some "swimming" in the "pool" at the Residence Inn. If you want to call it that. Mostly, I hung out in the hot tub, trying to unkink all the muscles in my legs.

Monday -- not a dang thing. Travel day. And crash-because-we're-dead-tired when we got home.

Tuesday - not a dang thing. Still recovering and had to get to work early since I'd been gone and had three things waiting for my attention. Plus, wicked hot in the afternoon, so that made running late difficult (EXCUSE ALERT, EXCUSE ALERT!)

Wednesday -- not a dang thing. Thought about it. But up against a deadline and never got to it. Not even making excuses. I just didn't make it happen. And I thought about it last night, but then I thought, nope. I needed to recover one more day.

Thursday -- 42 minutes through the park. Slow, slow, Slow. I thought I'd have been able to speed up considering we have all this oxygen here, but apparently not. Felt good, too, since we've had a break in the heat. Still slow, but I'll deal with it. I just need to get it going again. And make it happen.

So there. I pinky-promise I'll keep this up a little better, both the exercise and the logging. Have a great day!!

Derr, after all that, I forgot to do the "Small Victory" for today. So here goes:
I got myself out of bed and ran today. I could have stayed in bed. I wanted to stay in bed. But I didn't. And it was good. Go me!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Colorado Pix

So, the photos from the Colorado trip are all posted on Picasa (have I talked about how much I love picasa? No? Well, I do. Lots!), and prints have been ordered for Grandma & Grandpa, since they don't believe in the Internet. I know, don't get me started, whatever. Here they are:

I was able to run/hike every day on the trip except for Wednesday and yesterday, which is about right. We know ahead of time that travel days don't bode well for the training plan. But, now we're home and back on plan. More on that later.

Gotta go since I AM working. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe.

Saturday, August 02, 2008



Driving along from Aspen to Interstate 70, enjoying the dropoffs and sheer cliffs on either side of the road (OK, so I wasn't the one driving, which is why I could enjoy them!), when out of nowhere pops this little ghost town in a clearing, Independence Ghost Town:

At over 10,900 feet, this town couldn't last long. Snow from October through May would make sure of it. The Independence lode was discovered on July 4, 1879 and soon after a town of 300 sprang up. By 1882, there were 1500 residents and over 40 businesses. Known by other names also, Chipeta, Mammouth City, Mount Hope, Farwell and Sparkill, Independence only produced about $190,000 in ore and was a ghost town by 1890. Nearby Aspen attracted the people and became the county seat.

Nice little stop along the way to reality. Now I'm off to have hair and makeup done for this afternoon's festivities. More later about my morning run in Golden. Peace out!
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