Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2 miles done

If this doesn't show how dedicated I am to this Run Every Day in October thing, I don't know what does. As evidenced by the post previous, today has been one big stress-kitty day. And then to top it all off, when I was about to head out the door for my run after putting the boys down (that makes it sound like I'm a vet and they're sickly old dogs -- what I meant is that I put them to bed), I walk through the living room and hubby had turned on Dexter. What!! I forgot that my in-laws have Showtime, and Sunday's episode was being re-run. Man, I was going to miss it if I went out... but, that's what DVRs were invented for, right?

So, yeah, now I have Dexter recorded on my in-laws DVR and I have to figure out when to come over here and watch it.

Sigh. Oh, well, it's late and I stink. G'night.

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