Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All I wanted was a drink...

so, we were supposed to close on the house last week. They pushed it to this past Tuesday. Then, on Monday afternoon, we hear that they submitted false information on their mortgage app and had to resubmit and go through approval again. For a very scary 24 hours there, we thought we'd have to go back on the market and go through the showing parade again. Gawd, kill me now.

Why did they just find that out less than 24 hours before closing? I don't know, but it f%$#@ us up even more, since we'd already arranged for the utilities and phone/internet (INTERNET, people!!) to be cut over. When we found out (LESS THAN 24 HOURS) before the move was supposed to happen that we had to push back to this Friday, all of a sudden we're the ones scrambling to undo all that list of stuff you're supposed to do when you move, like I don't know MAIL, PHONE, INTERNET, CABLE, WATER, ELECTRICITY... grrrrr. We thought we'd caught them all, until the internet went down last Thursday -- they apparently didn't get the "undo" order, just the original disconnect work order.

And then today, I'm standing at the kitchen sink, getting a big glass of water after lunch. I'd had a nice little frozen dinner with some cheesey rice and chicken. And some grapefruit. But I was really kinda thirsty. All I wanted was a drink. And halfway through filling my 32 oz insulated hospital mug (yes, it's almost 8 years old now and you can't read the name of the hospital anymore, but it's a damn good mug), the water just kind of trickles to a stop. And then nothing. Eff me. No water. Because we're supposed to have moved by now, the friendly folks down at our utility shut off the water. It's going to be at least tomorrow until they can get it back on. And we didn't even want to know how much it's going to cost to have it turned on for a week.

SIDEBAR: Now, I fully realize that there are folks down in the Houston/Galveston area that just got through a long stretch of two or three weeks without water and electricity, and I totally am not comparing this inconvenience to that. They definitely had it tough for way longer and had a big battle to deal with in all aspects of their lives. I get that. But the rest of the world down there was messed up too, which is no consolation, but it's somewhat understandable that this is what happens when Mother Nature gets pissed.

But, what is maddeningly frustrating with this whole situation here is that it should have never happened. And it wouldn't have happened if these people buying this house had just done what they needed to do properly. Now we're at their mercy while they get their sh!t in a pile, praying that the builder doesn't decide (what is well within their right) to pull the new house from us.

Meanwhile, we're completely in limbo here, and having to scramble to re-arrange all this, not to mention the movers, plus we're not even talking about things like transferring the Elder Child's school. If we'd moved when we were supposed to, we could have transferred him at the end of a grading period, but now they're already two weeks into it and he's having second thoughts about switching schools. Argh.

Like I said, it's a total cluster. So tonight, when I get done with work, I get to pack up a suitcase for all of us and spend the night at my mother-in-law's house (In the doll room. The scary doll room, with lots of scary dolls with scary eyes). And then hopefully tomorrow when we get the boys off to their schools I'll come home and see if the water is on and I can get a drink.

NOTE: I still plan to run tonight -- this is part of why I chose to stay in the scary doll room instead of at a hotel on the north end of town where I wouldn't be able to run outside. I'll actually get a chance to run right by my you-can-see-it-but-you-can't-move-in-yet new house. Sigh.

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