Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 miler training run

so I went out in the dark and ran with my training group this morning. I joined the 11-minute group instead of the 10-minute group, even though my pace run last week ended up at 10:15. I decided I'd rather go a bit slower and have a good time than bust a$$ and die at every run trying to keep up. But, even though we are the 11:00 group, our leader took us out a little faster, so we ended up at about 10:30 pace. I felt great and was able to chat and stay at the front of the pack.

There was a killer hill we had to get past to get back to the starting area, and it was tough go. I was able to keep up with the group but we all pretty much had to walk the last third of it. But, from then on it was smooth sailing. I also picked up my group training shirt (that was distributed the first meeting that I missed since I was driving aimlessly around). I didn't get to stay for the guest speaker, but I did get a few snacks and chat with my pace group for a while afterward. So I know what they look like now, not just what they sounded like when we first said our names in the dark!

Busy weekend in store, with scout activities, a Halloween party, a birthday party for TDP DinoBoy, and a 9:00 PM flight to Colorado tomorrow. Oh, yeah, and somewhere in there, I've got to do laundry and vote. And maybe, hopefully, sleep. Just a little.

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