Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday run

so a combination of too much walking yesterday and complete laziness, plus the offer of a homecooked breakfast won out over a run this morning and I slept in 'til nearly 8:00. It would have been longer except that TDP DinoBoy came in demanding breakfast, followed by the two cats doing the same. I then lazed about more, reading the paper and playing WordTwist on the iPod until it was time to fold a mountain of clothes (they had taken over the bed in the guest room until nobody had any more clean socks). Then I had a hair appointment and lunch with the boy at the sushi place before heading to the rink for open skate. Before I knew it, it was nearly 6:00 and I still hadn't gone out yet. So, there I went.

It was an OK run -- just over 10K total distance in 1:07 and change. It was hotter than I expected, and I was either fighting the wind if I headed south or was in the doldrums if I turned any other direction. It was very weird. I felt very winded a couple of times, and had to stop and walk twice because I just couldn't get my breath. But my overall pace ended up being 10:43, so maybe I was just going too fast. That, or I had too much sushi for lunch. Is there such a thing as too much sushi? I didn't think so.

Anyhoo, I'd better get used to the 6-milers. The bulk of my weekday runs on the training program are 6-milers, at least for the first two months. Then we start adding in longer tempo runs and the weekend long runs get extended too. It'll be tough, this not-being-beginner stuff, but it should be fun!

Peace out. Gotta grab a shower before I try to read to the kid or he'll kick me out of his room! Have a GREAT week!!

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