Friday, October 17, 2008

Streak: FAIL

I missed last night's run, too. See, that's why I have to do the challenge. Now that it had been broken, I didn't feel too bad (at the time) about delaying the run to fight with AT&T tech support over the high-speed installation for the house (NOTE: that was FAIL, too). I was on the phone with them for over an hour, then spent another half hour finishing the install, only to be greeted at the end with FAIL. grrr. by then it was nearly 11:30, and wayyy too late to run outside, and too late to run on the TM since it's against the wall next to the boy's bed. And, honestly, I was way tired.

But this morning, I felt dismal that I'd let another day slip by. Once the streak was gone, 30 for 31 didn't have the same drive behind it. And that sucks, because it had been going really well. Sigh. No matter. Streak or no streak, I'm back on track. I've also determined I have to do my running in the morning again, so I'm getting back to that routine. It's better that way -- I feel more energized, I feel stronger, and I make better choices about my food.

ORN: 3.6 miles; 37:31 time; 10:25 pace

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