Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Q&A, updated

I'm going through my emails, cleaning out the junk and old stuff, and I find an old draft of a running quiz someone sent me eons ago. From what I can tell, this dated from 2009, possibly earlier than that, and as I read through it, I had to chuckle at some of my answers.

A very wise woman told me that I can't look back without falling over my feet as I'm moving forward, so somesuch (have her explain it to you, she's way better at it than I am, but bring your nickel!), so while the trip down memory lane was fun, I though it would be more enlightening to answer those questions again right now. So, here you go - original answers first, then updates in bold. Play along in the comments, if you'd like.

1. Number of marathons you have run
Seriously, I had to look this up. It's been so long since I ran one (last attempt was Wild Hare in November 2011) and there was a flurry in there in 2010-2011. Not to sound cocky or anything, but I honestly have forgotten because the numbers don't mean anything to me right now. It's not what it's about for me right now, collecting races or states or anything. The marathons and ultras I've done were a part of who and what I was when I ran them, and that distance isn't all that for me right now. Might be again. Who knows. 

2. Where was your first marathon?
Dallas, Texas

3. Favorite Marathon course:
Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC
Still my favorite. It was my first time in DC, and seeing all the landmarks on approach from the plane was amazing, then realizing that I had to run from the Pentagon to all those places and then back kind of blew my mind, even though I'd done it once before. So well organized, such a memorable and wonderful experience. Loved it.

4. Most memorable race:
First Marathon - White Rock 2004
Hardest Marathon - Miracle Match 2006 through Cameron Park in Waco
Most heartbreaking - OKC 2011
Most inspiring - OKC 2012

5. PRs?
5K - 29:30 during a summer series in 2004 - 27:50, Arlington Highlands 5k, 2010 

10K - 1:01:59 FW Turkey Trot, 2008 1:01:48, Joe's Run, 2010 
Half-Marathon - 2:09, Cowtown Half, 2006
Marathon - 5:14, White Rock 2006
50k - maybe El Scorcho?? not this year, maybe next?? Little Rocky, 8:44, 2011 
50 mile - um, not so much
100 mile - yeah, on a BIKE!!

6. Ever run in a costume?
No, not that creative. And I get hot easily
Does a tutu count? 

7. The only running shoes for me:
Right now, Saucony. I like New Balance, but they discontinued my favorite model. Tried Nike and couldn't find any that really worked. I'm pretty lucky since I have a neutral foot and can pretty much wear anything.
Ran in Saucony Kilkennys for 3-4 years. Tried and hated Brooks Pure Connect for a while. Prefer low- or zero-drop. Meh. Shoes are not so important to me right now. 

8. Ever injured?
Nothing serious. Lots of aches & pains from not stretching enough. Some residual soreness in/around my knee from scar tissue from an old tennis injury. Lots of twisted ankles. Oh, yeah, and the broken front tooth from falling on my face during my first 20-miler -- nearly forgot about that one! Halloween 2004 -- I WAS the jack-o-lantern.
Yeah. Knees. Mostly knees. My knees.  And then there was that thing with my knees... 

9. Hot or cold weather runner?
Cold weather, but not icy or snowing. But, um, I live in Texas, so most of my running is in HOT conditions!
Doesn't' matter, really, but NO HUMIDITY!  ICK!

10. Morning or evening runs?
Ideally, morning. Early morning, before it gets light. I don't mind running in the dark in the morning, but I don't really like to run in the dark at night. It makes no sense, but whatev. 
WHENEVER I CAN FIT IT IN!  This is the cold hard truth.

11. What is your motivation?
I run because I can. And because I'm not supposed to be able to. And because I have no desire to fulfill my heredity.
Still that, but also now it is a social connection for me, and an outlet for my brain. I can use the time to organize my thoughts, plan, dream, work out problems, or sometimes, just BE. Running allows me all of that. 

12. Ever DNF?
Nope. Thought about it, seriously, during Miracle Match. I would have given up if there had been anyone on the course to take me in at mile 18. But the "support" at that stop was a folding table with a cooler of Gatorade on it. So I had to keep running. By the next stop, it would have been stupid to stop.
HA!!! Yes. First time at Chupacabra night 10k, when my headlamp died. It was a week before NYC and I wasn't about to risk falling and hurting myself. Then,  Rockledge Rumble, the week after NYC, when my knees were still jacked. Second time at Palo Duro Canyon 50k, when my hydration was off and I nearly passed out in the canyon. Third time at Wild Hare 50k when I just couldn't. I was hurting and in a very bad headspace and I didn't see the point of pushing through, possibly injuring myself more, and having a miserable time. And yet, after each one, the sun rose, and the world kept spinning. Life goes on. 

13. Race I'd like to forget:
None -- even the "bad" ones are reminders that I can do whatever I want to do.

14. Favorite post race nosh:
Cheesecake, for a marathon. But except for a banana or some bagels, I usually can't eat right after running.
Cookies, natch. Breakfast tacos after a long morning run always hit the spot. Pancakes are good. Typically, though, if I run between 10-15 miles, I'll have a protein recovery drink right afterward and then some kind of usual food. After a shorter run, which is all I'm doing right now, it's about the same as I would eat anyway. 

Post-race breakfast tacos with Frunners. Yep. 

15. Galloway or Higdon?
I used a modified Higdon when I trained on my own for the first 5 marathons. I used Galloway for some of my halves last spring, but I find that it's tough to restart after a walk break.
Higdon. Dance with who brung ya.  I tried a couple of more intense training plans but they made running a chore and didn't fit with where I am mentally. If your mind is not in sync with your body, no training plan will work for you.

16. Flat course or hills:
Flat, please. Thanks!!
Oh, for the love of snackpacks, yes, flat, flat, flat!  Or even uphills. I can handle either (although I'll gripe and whine about uphills) better than I can downhills. 

17. Back, Middle, or Front of the pack?
Back of the middle of the pack, or front of the back of the pack... 
Doesn't matter. Wherever I am, I'm bringing the fun. Boom. 

18. Run alone or with a partner:
I used to always run alone, but started training with a partner in the city, and now find it hard to train alone. And now I LOVES me my group runs! Even on site I prefer to run with someone, even if they're just on the treadmill next to me. I chat a bit!! 
GROUP RUN!! Even if it's someone at the start and finish and we all do our own thing in between. Anything you do on your own is more fun with friends!!! 

We bring it. Not sure what "It" is, but we haz it. In spades! 
19. Ever win your age group?
I won that 5K summer series a few years ago just by showing up to all the races, even though I didn't win any of the individual races. 
On occasion. Been entering as Athena if they have it lately. Embracing my Big Girl-ness. It is always nice when I place in Athena and then look at AG and see that I would have placed in AG too. FIGJAM! 

20. One part of your body that has never seen Body Glide:
I Body Glide almost everything!! Otherwise, the shower hurts a lot afterward!!
HA!!! See above about humidity and heat. Yeah, I should own stock! 

21. Best part of running:
All of it!!
The community. The friendships. The memories. 

22. If I didn't run I_______________.
would be 50 pounds heavier and a LOT bitchier! 
um... 30 pounds heavier and WAY more bitchy.... 

23. I can't run without______________________.
Body Glide!! heh. And my shoes. And I'm a huge gadget freak, so I like having my watch, GPS, iPod, HR monitor, etc. But I can and do run without all those electronics. Sometimes. 
So stripped down now. I used to be so worried about mileage, pace, blah, blah, blah... Meh. Now I run when I feel like it, as fast as I can, or not. I have a training plan printed out and I'm using stickers on it to reward myself when I do a scheduled run. As if I was five. And right now, for where I am and for what my goals are, it's working for me. I'm more consistent right now than I have been in a long while, even if it's not as easy as it was, and even if I'm not where I was before. But I'm running. And enjoying it. So, yeah. 

23. Ever lose a toenail?
Just once, after a Cowtown half. It didn't grow back in time for my friend's wedding, so I had to put a fake toenail on so my feet didn't look freaky in the sandals we wore!! 
That's still the only one so far. Nothing worth writing home about. 

24. Gatorade or Cytomax?
Gatorade - half strength with a pinch of salt. I've used the same water bottle for all six of my marathons. 
Ugh. Cytomax is nastiness. Tried it once. Gross. I actually love, love, love Heed. But not enough to, y'know, buy it myself. I just enjoy it when it's on the course. When I'm training on my own I use E-caps and water or Gatorade/PowerAde. This will become more important again when I start training for longer distances in the summer. But for now, I'm ok with just water and E-caps if it's crazy humid and I'll be sweating a lot. See above - low maintenance these days. 

25. Favorite gel flavor?
Blick -- can't stand the texture of those things. I prefer blox or gummy bears/Swedish fish. 
I do like the PowerBar Gel blasts. Yummy. But no actual gels. gag. 

26. How many days after a marathon do you usually start running again?
Usually give myself a work week, and try to do an easy 4-6 miles the following weekend. 
Hmmm... Yeah, no. 

27. I run, therefore I ________________________.
feel healthy
get to hang out with the "cool kids."  Although, truth be told, they'd probably let me hang out with them anyway, cause they're cool like that!!

28. Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of)
Night before -- set out clothes with race number, socks, water bottles, electronics. Print map of parking spots if it's a new course. Morning of -- eat peanut butter & honey sandwich, drink half bottle of water.
Not much has changed in the physical preparations. Mentally, I'm much more relaxed about it now, though. I don't get tied up in my race performance (not that I ever really did) right now. I go out, see friends, take pictures, run my best race for that day and what the day gives me, and then take pictures, see friends, come home. 

29. What is your typical night-before-the-big-race meal?
Mashed potatoes or baked potatoes
Still love the tater! But I can have nearly anything. And again, I'm not racing long distances, and I've adjusted my nutrition over the years so that I don't really do a big carb-load anymore. But, hello, MASHIES!!! 

30. Would you run a marathon again?
Yes, please. Hopefully will get into NYC for 2009; if not, it will be guaranteed entry for 2010. 
See answer to number 1 above.  But really? Probably. has to be a good one, worth the pain and dedication of training for. And not for a while yet. I have other priorities pulling on my time right now. Maybe. Never say never, right? 

31. When's your next race?
Oklahoma City Marathon, end of April 
Cowtown. Getting my fifth Star part! And giant Frunnah party!!

32. Favorite race distance?
Half-marathon. Longer than the average bear would run, but doesn't wipe you out for the day like a full does.
Yep. This. Still.                             

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 in Review

I normally have a year-in-review post with grades to myself for how I did reaching my goals for the year.... and seeing as how I had no set goals for 2012, that post is not going to happen. That's ok, though, because I intentionally did not set any goals. But that's not to say that I didn't do anything in 2012. Quite the contrary. In looking through my photos for the year, it appears that I spent a bit of time on trails and riding Reveille, a LOT of time at the Ballpark, and some good quality time with my family. And, as always, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by the most amazing friends a girl could wish for. I traveled east and west, and I stayed healthy (at least until the last week of the year - get yer flu shots, peeps, trust me on that!!) for the year.

What does 2013 have in store for me? Hard to say, although I do have some plans and some areas of focus percolating in my head. But for today, I give you 2012, in pictures. Enjoy!

January started with NYD and lots of Frunners. Added a Jeep, raced a couple of 5ks. 

February included crewing at Rocky, Hot Chocolate 15k and Cowtown Half. 

March found me pacing my cousin to her first half, Grasslands, a trip to Tennessee and selling part of my childhood...  

April meant a return to OKC, some trails, Big D half & the start of baseball season!

May brought a focus on being mom, rekindling 25-year friendships and discovering my bicycle dreams. 

June had me on my bicycle, at the ballpark, making memories with family, and celebrating Frunner Love. 

July. Oh July. So crammed with goodness. Waffles. Triathlon. El Scorcho. Baseball. SNOW MONKEYS!

August saw me celebrating 25 years of schmoopy, riding riding riding, and summer fun with the boys. 

September was the month I moved into the Ballpark for good, it seemed. Little running here & there. Little riding. Mostly baseball. It was good.  

October. Best birthday party ever. Trails with Peppermint Patty. Fun from start to finish. 

November road trippin' & witnessing FIGJAM. Can't be beat. 

December. Walks with friends, spectating White Rock, focus on family. Wouldn't have it any other way. 

What's been your favorite memory of 2012?