Tuesday, January 09, 2007

wah! no message today!

for the past two days, I've gotten a little inspirational message at the end of my treadmill workouts with the Nike+ iPod thingy. First, I got a shout-out from Lance Armstrong at the end of Sunday's 90-minute "run,"* congratulating me on my longest workout to date. Um, yeah, it was the 2nd time I'd used it. Anyhoo, it was totally unexpected and kinda cool.

Then last night, I was supposed to do a quick recovery run, but the iPod found one of my Grace Lazenby iTrain tracks instead of BareNakedLadies or Aerosmith. I ended up joining in with the intervals because it sounded fun. She had us "joggers" up at 5.6-6.2 mph for a bit of it, so I ran 2.5 miles much faster than the slogging 5.0 mph runs I'd done previously. At I was rewarded with Paula Radcliffe coming on and telling me what a studdette I was for recording my fastest mile time yet. Um, yeah, it was the 3rd time I'd used it. Anyhoo, still caught me by surprise, and still kinda cool.

So today, I got on and cranked a steady 3.0 miles in 33 minutes, for a nice even 5.5 pace. Not the longest run to date, and not the fastest. So no message from anyone. Not LeBron James, even. Not that I know who he is. wah! All that running and no payoff.

*I put "run" in quotes because really I was just barely moving; I think I clocked a monstrous 7.5 miles in 90 minutes. Slow, slow, slow. Mostly I'm still in base-building mode and am just trying to get back into the habit of running regularly. Although, really, I've been running 70-80 percent of the days since White Rock anyway. They're slower than my normal runs, so I use that word loosely.


From Here to There said...

I find treadmill runs always much slower than road runs. For that reason I run by time, but add a minute per mile.

Bummer you didn't get your reward. I'd want to know who's going to pipe up next!

IM Able said...

I know that molassas running! I just got a HRM and realize now that, in order to run in Z1 or 2, I'm going to need to learn how to run backwards.

I wonder if the Nike itrainy thingy has a message for that ...Congratulations on being further behind than before! Maybe they'll use Britney Spears' or Michael Jacksons' voice. Seems appropriate.

Janet said...

So your exercise program speaks to you? That's pretty cool. It would be sort've freaky though if it ended up being completely off topic.:)