Monday, January 22, 2007

Salsa recipe

Saturday night was a fun outing with my real-life pals in our Dinner Club. We headed over to A & R's house for a Mexican-themed dinner. The main course was fajitas, then P & D made an awesome guacamole, R & I brought margaritas (I didn't have any, but I heard they were nice), and I brought rice, beans and an experimental mango salsa. The topper was a great dish of tiramisu. double-yum!

See, during the "arctic blast" last Sunday, Hub and I had cabin fever and dropped the boys off for a bit while we went foraging for "something sweet." I had a serious craving for something to satisfy my sugar jones, so we ended up at Cost-Too-Much. I found a pack of ready-to-eat fresh pineapple spears that fit the bill.* Hub found a pack of ready-to-eat fresh mango that he had to have. I hate mango. I loathe the sliminess of it, and the taste is a bit too tart. I doubted that Hub would eat the whole pack, so I asked him twice if he really would eat the whole pack. He said he would. Well, five days later, TDP had eaten some, but the rest of it was still in the fridge. So I had to do something to dispose of the mango. Since we had Mexican theme, I thought some salsa would be a good addition.

Problem was, I've never made mango salsa, and I didn't have a recipe for it. The Internets came to the rescue, with several variations. I ended up taking one and extrapolating some to come up with my own version. And I have to say, it was loverly and spicy and gave just the right kick to the fajitas and chips. And today, I had some of the left-over salsa with my salmon and rice, for a just-right light dinner. So, the recipe:
  • ~1 cup mango -- diced very small -- really more julienned and then cut smaller
  • 1 bunch of green onions -- I started at the bulb end and cut up about five inches worth of the greens
  • 2/3 red pepper -- this wasn't called for in the recipe but I thought it would add pretty color
  • 1/2 bunch of cilanthro -- I ran this through the food processor
  • 1/2 c. of lime juice
I mixed it all together about four hours before dinner and just let it sit to blend the flavors. I served it with chips, on the fajita tacos, and today on the seafood. Yummy. And a great way to get rid of way too much extra mango!

ORN -- I may or may not run 2.5 miles today. Depends on how I feel later. I'm a little tight from this weekend's activity, so I might end up with weights instead.

*ooh, and how strange and twisted that I found pineapple a cure for my sugar jones? that's a huge step forward from my usual need for a Blizzard or a chunk of cheesecake.


Vickie said...

Progress on curing the sweets habit! Good way to find a substitute.

From Here to There said...

Glad you were able to nip that sugar craving! Now that you've got me craving tortilla chips and salsa... got any ideas? ;o)

IM Able said...

such restraint!! to reach for the pineapple!!

love the sound of the salsa recipe, as i am a shameless foodie. i'll definitely have to try it soon!