Wednesday, January 17, 2007


umm. yeah. All weekend long, we'd been getting forecasts of doom and gloom for "Arctic Blast '07." Yeah, it was messy, and yes, we very much appreciated an excuse to cocoon with the kids for three days. But, really, the weather ended up being pretty much a non-event. Messy rain, hovering just above freezing for most of Saturday and Sunday, and then a little bit of ice that cleared up Monday as soon as the sun came up, even though it was below freezing for the rest of that day.

So last night, we go to bed and all is OK in the world. But we wake up to this:

Wha' happened?

Yeah, the weather guy is talking right now about how we were "taken by surprise" by the volume and mixture of this weather right now. The dangerous part is the sleet mixed in and the fact that nobody in Texas knows how to drive in this stuff. And it would be fun, except that it's not going to be enough of an accumulation to have any luck building crooked deformed snowpeople (with grass and leaves mixed in, because we can't scrape enough clean snow off the ground!).

The boys' schools are both closed, and my university is opening at 10:00 AM. Hub took the kiddos to my in-laws' before he left for the office. He's in for a slippery drive, I think, but his car is better equipped to handle it than mine is, and he can get there using side streets and not highways. He'd stay home, but he's already supposed to be the only one in the office today. I'm planning on leaving here about 9:00 ish, maybe later, if I see that traffic has lessened. I'm not going to leave early just for the privilege of sitting in traffic for an hour or more. I'd rather work from home all day, and could probably get a hellalot done that way, but I have a full slate of meetings this afternoon, so I'm thinking that's not going to happen. Pfffbt.

At least I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast at home with the paper laughing at the news coverage before I head out into this mess. Oy. More later, unless I get encased in snow!

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From Here to There said...

I love winter! I don't expect to see it in Texas though!! Drive safely!