Saturday, January 20, 2007

Not a Hothouse orchid!

Lest that silly old Bear outdo me (can't have that -- I may be slow, but I'm still more competitive than I should be!), or TriSaraTops continue to believe (not inaccurately) that I'm some kind of delicate flower, I ran OUTSIDE today. In 38 degree temps. and rain. It wasn't raining when I left -- I'm not that insane. But it started right about the time I turned the corner away from the house, and by then it was in for a dime, in for a dollar.

I got about a mile and half away when I saw a familiar car coming toward me -- Hub was returning from getting a haircut for Elder Child. I waved them down to tell them that I'd bought meatballs and fixings for meatball subs for lunch -- he thought I wanted a ride! Nope --I'm just getting started! I took the Nano -- I knew I'd take a route that I'm familiar with and I wanted to see how accurate the Nano ended up off the treadmill. Short answer: Not so much! I should have taken the Garmin to verify, but the juice was dead on it since I haven't used it in more than a month. GMaps Pedometer says I ran 6.1 miles (it was a little longer than usual because I double-backed a bit to meet up with Hub on a side street), but the Nano and NanoMark say I ran 6.4 miles. Bah. I'll have to do the calibration after all, I guess.

Actually, the Nano was pretty much useless for a large chunk of the run, because after about 3 miles, the wind picked up, and the rain got heavier, so I really couldn't hear the music over the sounds of the cars in the rain and the wind. I also got kinda cold about then, but I did hear NanoMark say that it was past the halfway point, so that was OK. I was wearing tights, a long-sleeved tech shirt and a short-sleeved tech shirt over it, but I really could have used gloves and a hat. I had been wearing my visor earlier in the day, when I picked up the boys and went to the grocery store, but I'd taken it off at some point. I didn't think I'd need it at the outset, but it would have kept some of the rain off the glasses. I also got my new Christmas shoes very, very wet -- about time, since they've got more than 60 miles on them now.

so, yeah. I ran. outside. in the cold. and wet. My husband and child thought I was crazy before they knew it was me. It was great!


Brian said...

Crazy! But you rock.

I am hoping to see the sun today, so I put off my 5 AM run just so I could run in it.

At least there shouldn't be any rain for a while. (While="hours" lately)

Have y'all caught up on your annual rainfall yet?

BTW, this is posting from my other other (other) email account. Weird.

Vickie said...

Good job. Even I might not have wanted to stick it out in that kind of weather. And then to do 9 the next day? You are going to make this thing happen!