Sunday, January 14, 2007

8 miles

on the treadmill. kicked my butt. It took me 95 minutes, so it's not like I was speedy freakin' gonzalez or anything, but I spent the last half hour or so looking for a reason to get off early. I started with the rationalization at about mile 5 or so. It went something like this:
"I've already done 30 minutes.... that's all I really set out to do... I could call it good now...."
"I'm not going to get a message today anyway, not at 12:00 minute miles. I could call it good now..."
"I could always just get on later tonight, and do a split run..."
and so on. But I gritted my teeth and stayed on that stupid machine, and finished the scheduled 8 miles, all at once. And my reward? Besides knowing that my body is stronger than my mind sometimes?? I got Lance again, congratulating me on my longest run to date. Gotta love that!

So now I'm synching up the iPod to transmit a week's worth of info to Nike+, and also to load a few more iTrain tracks in -- I find the 30- and 40-minute tracks really entertaining and they keep me interested on my shorter timed runs. Can I always keep up with them? Hell no, but at least I try.

Maybe that's what I should re-name this blog to -- "At least I try."

Oh, and yes, I'm late to the party (per usual), but my friend at work lent me Season 1 of "The Office" (American version, with Steve Carrell), and I am a convert. LOVED it! She's promised me Season 2 when I'm ready for it, and then I'll have to add it to the DVR list.


Ellie said...

8 miles on the dreadmill! You got stamina, lady! Nice going!

Diane said...

It's worth it just to hear Lance. I'm so glad to hear you're hooked -The Office rocks!

From Here to There said...

Great job! 8 miles on the mill is tough!

Question about iTrain... do the workouts blend with your own music (like Podfitness) or with their music?