Saturday, January 06, 2007

the boys' lookalikes

For TDP DinoBoy, the face recognition decided he looked most like Michele Rodriguez. At least they got the ethnicity right that time... I'm still not sure about Bette Davis being chosen. She didn't show up on the collage, but I think it went with the eyebrows for that one. Hmmm. And Isabella Rossellini???

More very, very odd results here. At least most of the matches were men this time around. except for Lohman as the primary match. But i see the resemblance there, for sure. very, very, very odd and very fun.

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From Here to There said...

Hahaha, I did this once! I was part Jeannine Garrofalo (sp), James Spader, Matthew Perry, Samuel L Jackson, and Elvis Costello! Interesting that there's only one woman on the list for me!

Very fun!

Now do you!!