Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cowtown pix

note to self -- check junk folder on the hotmail account more regularly. Brightroom sent me the links two days ago and they were in junk folder limbo. But so glad I got to them -- I'm usually less than thrilled with the photos at races. but looks like they got some accurate shots of me this time 'round. Notice I didn't say "good" shots, I said "accurate." Flat foot it much? Got some thighs going there -- but hey, notice how much I look like the catalog girl with those tights?! I think I like this one best -- they caught me in the air, almost! And I think I'll use this one for my new company's online directory -- one of my boss's bosses uses one with him and a large fish, so it's in keeping with the culture. Even if the shot does look like I'm gigging it...

Have I mentioned I love my new job? Well, I do.

No gym this morning -- got to re-arrange airfare for an earlier flight home today. Home. Today. Yippee!


JohnnyTri said...

Great to hear that about your job!

and love the pics, I so like it when you get a bunch to choose from, I always try to look for the camera on the course.

Hope your flight was good!


Ellie said...

Great pics and great about your job! You're doin' GOOD!!

Silly Old Bear said...

Nothing wrong with Gig'em... ;)

(great game the other night, btw)

I'm glad you did the Cowtown, I thought about you. Did you happen across the One More Mile folks in the booth area? One of these days I need to meet them in person (before I put their kids through college)