Tuesday, March 27, 2007


is it Tuesday already??? how time flies when you're trying not to look like a total dumba$$ newbie.

Denver is amazing -- the weather is great -- I've been running in the mornings twice now, but only about 3 miles each day. Yesterday I got on the exercycle at the hotel gym beforehand, and tonight, after I talk with the boys and get another couple of hours of work done, I'll be going to the "pool." I put it in quotes only because it's about 4 feet deep (nice, for me), 4 feet wide (*maybe* six feet wide, but not much more) and 25 FEET long. So I may get mostly across with just a push off the wall. heh. but it will be great for just practicing the stroke and breathing. I couldn't ask for a better practice pool, really.

being away from the boys is hard -- I had a horrible time falling asleep last night because I had a b!tch of a time with the webcam and I never did get to really talk with them because I was trouble-shooting it in between blue screens of death. And then they had to go to bed, so I was bummed. I also am having a hard time with the pillows -- the ones here are fluffy and fat, and I'm very used to my pancake pillow at home. So between the pillows and the mouse/laptop, my neck is very locked up and tight, so that didn't help the sleep situation any either. But I survived, and I'll be home before I know it.

The workday speeds by because I've got a few projects to keep me going, and the team I'm with is fun. Oh, and my project manager and one of the other members both brought their bikes here, so they go on rides during the week. They're training for a century ride later this spring. So there is lots to talk about and learn from them!

So far so good. The only problem is that I have *no* time to check blogs and keep up with everyone. I'm so sad about that, but there will be time later, I guess, so if I slam you with comments on your last six entries all at once, that's why!!

Peace out -- got to get to the personal email before I log back into work schtuff.

UPDATED!!! Whatever I did last night (at past midnight local time!!) to mess with the webcam settings worked! I was able to connect to the boys via Windows Live Messenger and I read them Cinderella on the webcam. TDP DinoBoy moves around so much he's just a big blur, but it was nice to actually SEE them. Gotta go!!


JohnnyTri said...

Now staying up that late to fix the webcam was totally worth it, priceless! Good job.

Take care! and enjoy Denver!


From Here to There said...

Sorry you had a rough day, but glad that you got the webcam fixed!

Running in Denver sounds gorgeous. Are you having any altitude effects? Good for you sticking to your plan.

Tip from Steve... always take your flat pancake pillow with you. He was on 8 weeks training in Toronto and his pillow flew with him. Don't leave home without it!