Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Friday! (or, Of Beans and the 80s)

These are Beanie Weenies. Blech. I myself, despite being of 3rd-generation Mexican-American heritage*** (although I prefer to be considered 3rd-generation Texan, actually), could not handle eating beans of any persuasion until I was about 23. The notable exception was refried beans, but they had to be smushed and re-fried beyond recognition into more of a paste than anything with individual bean-like characteristics. It was a texture thing. This meant I usually only ate beans on Thursdays and Fridays -- Mom made a huge pot on Sundays that we ate from pretty much all week long -- whatever didn't get eaten each night got thrown back into the pot in the fridge to be re-heated and re-fried and re-smushed until they were all gone. I got over that, and now happily will eat pintos, black beans, navy, blah, blah, blah. But I still won't eat baked beans. The sweetness of them doesn't compute with the savory concept I have of beans. Just doesn't work in my brain. And the texture -- blech.

In any case, I certainly couldn't handle the thought of these things when I was six. And I certainly never thought my picky grilled cheese and chicken nugget fiend would ever want them. But, apparently, my mother-in-law, intending to have purchased mac'n'cheese in a similar package, picked up a container of beans & weenies by accident, and also by accident cooked them and served them to TDP DinoBoy. And he ate them. All. And asked for more.
So now the pantry is not considered stocked unless there are at least three cans of these things in there. The Elder Child won't touch them, and he actually doesn't like to be at the table when TDP DinoBoy is eating them -- they gross him out. I can't say I blame him. Anyhoo, Nancy, that's the story with the BW.

So. Yeah. What else?? Oh, yeah. The 80s. Love the 80s. Have been trying to get to see Music and Lyrics for the last month, and we finally made it out tonight. So worth the wait. Hilarious. OK, maybe not Love Story, or even Officer and a Gentleman, as far as the plot goes, but fun and funny just the same. Hugh Grant is funny and adorably self-deprecating, and has a surprisingly good voice. Drew Barrymore is cute as always. If you remember watching the Aha! video on MTV (over and over and over again!), even if you won't admit to setting your Swatch to when you knew it would be on, you will enjoy this movie. I'm thinking I'll have to get the soundtrack so I can sing "Pop Goes my Heart" while I run. I just might make it my new PowerSong. heh.

ORN -- I ran outside this morning and nearly froze myself on the north-bound out route. It was a bit chillier this morning than I expected after yesterday's lunchtime jaunt. But I got over it and coming back with the wind at my back was much better. 3.1 miles in 31:37. I've noticed that with NanoMark on my arm I don't mind finishing with random mileage -- I used to *have* to end a run at the mile-mark exactly, or at a minimum at the half-mile mark. Now, I just run a route until I meet the time I told NanoMark I'd go. And then I come in and map the route on GMaps Pedometer to get accurate mileage, since I know NanoMark comes up short. I also like to think it's a side effect of me not being so stressed anymore. Probably that, too. But mostly it's just NanoMark.

***Edited to add -- After watching last night's episode of "The Office" again on DVR, I've decided to instead celebrate my "Mexicanity." LOL!!!


Vickie said...

Not sure which is worse, beans & weenies or spaghetti o's. Why do kids like this stuff???

Nancy Toby said...

Those are kind of scary!! LOL!!

Ellie said...

Pretty funny! (Actually I like beans & weenies.... spaghetti-o's too....)

Good 5K run! I've also gone from having to end exactly on the mile or half-mile, to "whatever" -- most of the time. Long runs I usually want to be exact. Usually.