Saturday, March 24, 2007

Things I don't ever want to forget:

Walking around the neighborhood at twilight, with the little one beside me acting out his favorite parts from "Peter Pan," complete with dagger and stopping for pixie dust.

His tiny hand (not really, anymore) instinctively grasping for mine when we reach the corner before crossing the streets, and then releasing when we get to the other curb.

His strong little legs, all skinny and lean, pumping and jumping and carrying him in leaps and bounds down the sidewalk.

Him leaning his sweaty head against me when we sit on the bench on the front porch, being still, for just a second, before he runs off again.

My baby boy.

No running today -- today was a day for putt-putt with the boys, and reading, and naps, and a walk around the block.


greyhound said...

Awww. Superpounce is only about three years older, but she's getting so independent, I miss the snuggly moments.

nancytoby said...

Cutie!! Yeah, I'm always afraid I'll forget those lovely moments....

From Here to There said...

Thanks for taking me down memory lane, C. My baby is 20 now, and she (ok we) still sing from the sound of music (and acting it out) while we walk down the street.

Don't forget any of it, and be warmed that it doesn't end :)

Vickie said...

Much more important, that walk. Enjoy your time now. They will be grown soon and then a whole new set of problems come up!

You said...

So cute!!!!