Sunday, March 11, 2007

sunday already?

where did the weekend go? what's been accomplished around here? hmmm, a 4-miler yesterday, a 6.75-miler today. no laundry. no groceries. signed TDP DinoBoy up for T-Ball, his first season. a trip to the park. haircuts all the way around. we enjoyed the good weather before the rain moved in. we enjoyed being home and not having much to do. not a bad way to spend a few days, if you ask me.

this week is spring break for the boys. i've got to work, from home, for my full 40 hours, but we'll find a way to squeeze in a couple of fun things, I'm sure.

not much more to say, really. I'm hitting the sheets here in a minute, try to get a headstart on the week. Peace out, and have a great week!

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JohnnyTri said...

those spring breaks always seem to be more busy than regular weeks, hey, I thought they were on vacation! :)

my daughters on SB and she's busy all week!