Thursday, March 08, 2007

An Open Letter to my Treadmill:

Miz T, you've been such a good friend to me. You got me through the February challenge. You got me through the depths of a North Texas winter, when temperatures around here plummeted to nearly freezing (shuddup, canadians and all you "Mi"-staters -- that's FRIGID to me, m'kay!), and you are always there, willing to take me on a little 3-miler, or even to put up with me for an 8- or 9-miler. You put up with me way better than I put up with you -- when I have to spend time with you, I mumble and moan, but you're always there, ready and waiting. You baby me when I'm tired and want to go slow, and you set me up in a nice little plodding 5.0 mph pace, or sometimes slower. You hold my water bottle, and you have those little fans that keep me a little cooler once I get pumping. You get along great with Grace, and even though you and NanoMark don't always agree on things, you at least give him a nice safe place to hang out while I run, so he's not smothered in his case. You were wanted so desperately last year, when that crazy early-morning rapist loser was running loose in my neighborhood, that I had to promise Hub all sorts of favors (hey! not that!) to get him to agree to bring you home. And I still love you. I do. Really.

But, see, Miz T, here's the thing. It's springtime now. And spring in Texas is the most glorious of times for running, especially for those early-morning runs that I love so much. I've been bailing on those early morning runs because you're there, and if I don't run in the morning, I think I can always meet up with you for a little sumpn-sumpn before bed. But I really do enjoy the quiet and the cool and the freshness of an early morning run on a Texas spring day. And running in the evening is enjoyable during the spring, too, after the kids are in bed, while Hub is watching "Rome" on the DVR. It's not like it is in the summer, when the heat and heaviness of the day lingers in the air and on the streets for hours after the sun goes down. No, running in the evening in the spring is a joy, because there are about six weeks in this season that make it worth putting up with the heat the rest of the year. And I have to enjoy those times while they last.

So, for now, my sweet, reliable, fabulous Miz T, I must bid you fare-thee-well, for now at least. Don't worry -- you'll still get used by Hub (even though he drips nasty amounts of sweat on you and makes you raise your incline something ridiculous like I never do) and by the Elder Child when he's watching Hannah Montana. And I'll visit you when I come by to hang out with Stretch. And, we're trying to get a friend for you in that room, something to get me up to speed on the bike, too, so you won't be lonely. And y'know, I will be back -- summer's right around the corner!

ORN -- 4.5 miles. 5:15 am. Outside. :)


Vickie said...

Lucky you! Getting to go outside! While we may be hearty up here in Michigan, I for one have reached my limit and am thinking of staying in until the end of March. If the snow ever melts, we will be bothered by flooding anyway! Enjoy your weather! Maybe we will get some of that by June.

Ellie said...

Can you just send her to me till it's spring in northern Virgina? And since I'm going to be in New Hampshire for the summer, I'll send her back to you for your hot weather....