Thursday, March 29, 2007

I don't like Denver THAT much...

So, yeah, the lifestyle here is greatness, with the walking and the paths for jogging and cycling. And the spring weather, with little breezes and nonexistent humidity, is greatness. Except for that SNOW crap. That apparently can happen well into March and April. Wha?? I went downstairs this morning with a mind to do three quick miles down on the Cherry Creek trail, and was rudely greeted with freaking SNOW. 4 inches of SNOW in downtown Denver. WTF?? Hello, people, it's nearly APRIL. And spring officially started last week. So enough with the snow, m'kay?!

But, apparently, the reason I am writing this post from the Denver Airport Marriott Courtyard and NOT the comfort of my own home is because of the storms in freakin' Texas. Nothing was landing in Dallas, apparently, so even though I got to the airport in time to get on the flight earlier than I was booked for, that one and the later, along with every other flight on every other carrier was cancelled. So I had to punt and come back to the hotel. phooo.

So now I'm set for the 6:00 AM flight tomorrow, which means I have to get up at 4:00 and hit the 4:30 shuttle. And go through security AGAIN. Fun times. Total pain in the ass. Sigh.

But the good news? I did run this morning, on the treadmill in the hotel. And even with the flight in the morning tomorrow I should still be able to take my bicycle to the shop for new tires and try it out before I pick up the boys. So yeah. Fun times. Sigh.

g'night all.


From Here to There said...

Oh that bites! I hope you finally were able to get home.

We had snow yesterday, only a few flakes mind you!

Great job getting the run on the mill.

Vickie said...

I hear you on the snow and the airport fun!