Thursday, March 15, 2007

poor little blog

i've neglected you so. sigh. not much to add today, except that while this working from home stuff is cool, it has some potential hang-ups that I've had to be careful to navigate around. but it's been great to be around during the boys' break, and I even got to go to the museum with them yesterday. it was fun, and a nice break in the middle of the day.

running is good. I've done 101% of my mileage so far this week, all outside, and most in the early morning. I ran at lunch today, and it's starting to get hot and humid again. I know, I know, I shouldn't b!tch about the weather here being hot yet, not when folks are still buried under piles of snow. but, hey, it's what happens in Texas, I tell you what!

that is all. I've got a webcast going on in another window, and I should probably pay closer attention to it!

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Vickie said...

But lucky you to work from home!