Thursday, March 15, 2007

oh, yeah, that!

Nancy talking about her fall race made me remember there was *something* I was supposed to do this week....

We have received your application for the ING New York City Marathon 2007.

Your entry number is 120947. Please include this number along with your name in any correspondence pertaining to the marathon.

Wish me luck! I'll have to come up with a contingency in case I don't make it in (1 in 3 don't, y'know!), but there is no way I can keep up mileage even now if I don't have a potential "A" Race looming on the horizon. And having a marathon on the horizon is keeping me from fretting that I don't have a pool at my disposal right now and haven't been svimming in nearly a month.

Oh, and I just happily discovered that TDP DinoBoy loves chicken soup. Who knew?! That certainly opens up the meal possibilites for him beyond beanie weenies and ABCs/123s (I SWEAR I wasn't the one who introduced him to those, BTW!!).


Nancy Toby said...

WTF are beanie weenies?


Vickie said...

OMG! I was planning on registering too! I really don't want to do another marathon, but did say this was on my agenda for this year. If I register and we both get in, that would give me a "training buddy." I'll do it today!

greyhound said...

I've registered twice but my number has never come up. This year it's after my A race and during Tri 101 in the Woodlands for which friends are coming. I anticipate driving the couch in November.

JohnnyTri said...

Oh I cant stand Beanie Weenies but wife likes them, yuk.

Congrads on the NYC Marathon!
You can dooooooooo it!