Sunday, September 03, 2006

Um, yeah, 'bout that 16-miler?

Didn't happen. I was up and dressed and had the Injinini socks on and my shoes (that are really a bit too tight in the toebox, but have another two weeks to go before I can ditch them), ready to head out. And then I checked the weather. The maps clearly showed a big section of rain headed toward me, with showers listed until past 9:00. And I stepped outside and saw big ugly clouds, and it felt like a storm was brewing, so I went inside and crawled back into bed. The last thing I needed to contend with was big puddles making my toes into little raisins when I was 8 miles from home. Yes, Nancy says "Train in adversity, race in adversity" but I just wasn't in the mood for it today, so I put it off. With the holiday tomorrow, I can run it then, and then adjust the rest of the week accordingly (yes, I said no more tweaking the schedule... I lied. I do that occasionally, especially to myself....).

At 8:40, DinoBoy came in and told me he'd been waiting for HOURS for me to come get him from his room. So I woke up (again) and made all the boys pancakes. And I've just finished reading the Sunday paper. And in a minute I'm going to pick up in the kitchen and den, then make a half-hearted attempt to clean the bathrooms (my new housecleaner lady won't come until the 15th) . But, nope, no run today. And as far as I can tell, there was NO rain at all this morning. Psyche.

I'm toying with finding a race tomorrow -- I know there is a 15K in FortWorth somewhere -- and tacking on the extra mileage afterward so that I can get a little extra motivation and some company. That might work, even if it is a bit hotter than it would be if I go out on my own. That might be a better plan to get me through it mentally. And I'd get a t-shirt, too. :) And wouldn't have to worry about toting the belt packs. I'll search the calendars in a minute and formalize my plan by later this afternoon. In any case, I'll have no choice but to get it done tomorrow, even if it is actually pouring down rain. Which would suck, and teach me a lesson about getting out there while the getting is good.

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nancytoby said...

Good luck on getting that 16-miler done!! :-)