Thursday, September 28, 2006

something done...

which is better than nothing, which is what I ended up with at the end of the day yesterday. I didn't feel like a run in the morning, even though I made myself go outside and even head down the block. but Iwasn't into it, so I called it a day after ~800 yds. Then I packed my bag for a midday run, but needed to talk to someone about work issues over lunch, so I didn't get it done. Fall-back plan was to get in 5 miles while the Elder Child was at honors band practice, but he called me while I was in the car to let me know he forgot his clarinet and music stand at school. So, none of it happened.

but today, feeling not much different, I forced myself to go at least 3 miles. that's Saturday's schedule, so I can squeze in 5 tomorrow and 5 on Saturday and the week will not be a total wash. So I ended up with just over 4 miles done. go me. yip-pee. whatever.

we leave tonight for San Antonio. then tomorrow we drive the rest of the way down the Shrine in the Valley (and a loverly 2-hour visit with my parentals) , before heading back to SA for a trip to SeaWorld Saturday morning. Then back to Casa Skatemom Sunday, where a week's-plus of laundry will be waiting for me. can you tell I'm thrilled by the concept of spending 20 hours in the car over the next three days? Let me clarify in case you missed it -- yip-pee. Oh, and none of this trip was our idea, nor do we have any say, really, in any of the itinerary. But my kids get a trip to SeaWorld, which we otherwise wouldn't do, because that place is kind of a beating, and it's so dreadfully hot down there, and yeah, you get the point. just check this out:

San Antonio, TX

Current Conditions (as of 4:53 AM)Today's forecast
°F | °C

Feels like: 70°F

arometer: 29.9 in rising
Dewpoint: 67°
Humidity: 90%
Visibility: 10 miles
Wind: 0 mph
Sunrise: 7:25 AM
Sunset: 7:23 PM

90 percent Humidity? Oy. in any case, I'm taking the laptop and will blog from the road if I can find wireless anywhere. Peace out.

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