Tuesday, September 19, 2006

two things

OK, more than that, but there were two front and center when I started :) :
  1. the shin is bothering me again. I'm starting to get a bit worried. More ice tonight, and we'll see how it does tomorrow morning.
  2. 4 miles this morning. negative splits; total time 42 minutes flat. No humidity. It was glorious. I even wore one of my long-sleeved tech shirts.
  3. My nutrition is for sh!t these days. I know better, but I'm under a bit of stress here. I didn't track on SparkPeople Friday, Saturday, Sunday OR Monday. Bah. I tracked today and kept ~1450 calories. But it was junky calories, and I'm sure I missed something along the way.
  4. My weight has maintained for the last two weeks. No loss, no gain. Miracle of miracles with all the junk I've been eating. I've still got to drop another 7-8 pounds before the end of October. It CAN be done, but not with these habits.
  5. The front office is done. Furniture was fully delivered and assembled Sunday. Photos and diplomas are up. All we need is an art-quality print of Vince Young to complement the existing print of Earl Campbell. We're looking for an actual litho, though, not a photo, so we're still searching. Hook 'em indeed!
  6. Tomorrow's 9 miles will have to wait until Thursday. Hub has to take Elder Child to band practice at 6:30, and I wont' be back in time to get the boy up and fed unless I leave at 4:15. And that AIN'T happening.
  7. Laundry sucks. Completely. I did the boys' school uniforms Sunday, but everything else is sitting in baskets waiting for *someone* to fold it and put it away.
So there were 7 instead of 2. Consider them a bonus!

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howie maui said...

have you ever thought of joing weight watchers? i seem to remember you saying before that "diets" are poo poo. :) the cool thing about WW is that you learn how to eat correctly. portion control and all that stuff. just an idea. might help with that last little bit you want to lose.