Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brutal run -- pray for rain

I call BS on this MSN weather reading:

Feels like: 79°F

Barometer: 29.9 in steady
Dewpoint: 72°
Humidity: 78.6%
Visibility: 10 miles

Particularly, I call major BS on the "feels like: 79," because, um, NO. It's freakin' riddickerous out there right now. I'm pretty sure I lost at least two pounds of H2O weight just in a little 40-minute run. I had a hella time keeping my HR down -- even without the monitor, I could feel it racing, and I had to consciously keep the pace down. Or at least I tried to focus on posture and positioning and not worry about the time. I wanted to be sure this was a recovery run, and not wear myself out before tomorrow's LSD.

Today's splits, with commentary:
Mile 1 -- 10:43 -- shins were a little tight on the first few blocks, but then no worries. Um, does it feel a bit sticky out today?
Mile 2 -- 10:18 -- Whoa, slow it down, girl. don't leave it all out there in mile 2. Took a ~10 second break at the fountain in the park .
Mile 3 -- 10:46 -- here is where I felt myself really working too hard, so I reined it in. Um, yeah, it's pretty hot out here... Stopped again at the water fountain on the way back.
Mile 4 -- 9:18 -- I got a "weak GPS reading" beep right at .8 miles, and then very soon afterward I got the mile beep. I think this is not for a full mile, but more like .9, maybe .93. I'm going to need to upload it and check it against this same route two weeks ago and GMaps.

It is very, very muggy, and while there is a bit of a breeze from the southeast, if you're not headed directly into it, it's downright miserable out there.

I'm really hoping this breaks and we get some rain THIS AFTERNOON.... not tomorrow morning. Frankly, while I know I can do tomorrow's run in the rain, I'd really rather not. I'll be thinking about Wil, and TriSaraTops, and Chris if it does rain, though. Hell, I'll be thinking about them anyway -- those guys and everyone else who ran that monstrosity in Wisconsin last weekend are seriously inspirational. I added them to the blogroll this week after getting to them via Flatman -- thanks to him for giving me another reason to get up and out the door on days like today. Those Iron folks make me feel, well, insignificant, for "just" running a 'thon. Dang, how upside-down and backwards is that? Alls I know is I think I need to find me a swim coach... and a bike....

Peace out -- I've got to fix me a nice PB-chocolate protein smoothie now to reward meself for my little ol' 4-miler. Then, we've got dinner club tonight -- Italian theme, with LOTS of carbs for tomorrow's run! just got to stay away from the bellinis....

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Hey there! I wondered what had happened to your blog, what with the hooha crash.