Friday, September 08, 2006

speedy gonzalez

or something like it. Rather, what passes for speedy for me:

Mile 1 -- 10:29
Mile 2 -- 9:46
Mile 3 -- 9:13

3-mile total -- 29:29. I haven't been that fast in a while. Amazing what lower humidity, cooler temps, and a nice downhill homestretch will do for you. Of course, I came closer to puking after that last lap (yucky thick spit in the back of my throat -- TMI, I'm sure, sorry, but really, it was gross) than I ever have in my running life. Which I guess speaks to how hard I was gunning it there at the end. A semi-regular breathing cadence helped, too. But I saw that 9:46 for the second mile and knew today was as good a day as any to see how fast I could go. I have been running for distance so much recently, and just pleased to get out there and keep the extra weight at bay, that I've pretty much not been too concerned with times. But, that 29:29 was nice. Still wouldn't be a sub-30:00 5K, though, and I know I've broken that in at least one race the first year I started running again.

So, yeah, there ya go. And lots of other exciting things going on that can't be told yet, lest we jinx them with arrogant web jou-jou. So. There. Have a great weekend!

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