Sunday, September 17, 2006

so NOT Iron....

hell, I'm not even made of aluminum foil. Try soft-in-the-middle plaster with a chipped coat of some shiny paint in an approximation of a bronze sheen. I am such a weenie wussy wimp.

Here's the deal. After waking up to rumblings of thunder and flashes of lightning outside my window, I sat here on the computer for a bit then resigned myself to the treadmill. I set it for 95 minutes, 5.0 mph, set the TV to Nick at Nite for a little Roseanne/Mad About You reruns, and started up. Bah. Not into it. After not quite a mile, I decided to just walk hills instead. So after pounding out a bare 5 miles of hills in about 75 minutes, I saw that strange greenish glow out the window that seemed to indicate the sun had come up. so I ducked into the bedroom, told Hub I was going out after all, and hit the streets for a quick 3 miles.

Um, not so quick. It had rained earlier, but the pavement had dried up. apparently, all the water from the pre-dawn storms had not quite evaporated into the air. Ugh. So humid. And I was just slow and plodding and it wasn't fun. You know those days when running is just effortless? when the breathing comes so naturally, and you get in a groove early and everything feels right? This was not one of those days. This was the Bizarro opposite of those days. It was gross. I even had to stop and walk about the 1.5 mile point, right before my turnaround point at the water fountain. The splits were pa-tet-ick, emphasis on the ick, and I'm not even going to grace this page with their presence. Let's just say that middle mile was nearly 12 minutes and leave it at that.

The other factor I think that may have played into my lousy performance this morning was the horrendous headache I had last night. We didn't leave dinner until 10:30, so by the time we picked up the boys and put them in bed, it was nearly 11:00. I laid in bed and tossed and turned, with my head pounding, until almost midnight. I only had one peach bellini, honest, and it was really small, but I think the champagne in it did me in. I drank it right around 7:00ish, and spent the rest of the night pounding water, because I felt very dehydrated afterward. It's just been so long since I've had any amount of alcohol, really I've never been much of a drinker to start with, and it just didn't do much for me. So now I know.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it for today. With today's truncated run, total mileage for the week is still 29 miles. So now we re-arrange the plan and try for next Sunday for the 18-miler. The boys are spending the weekend with their godmother, so that will give me no excuses about how long it takes me. I'll just have to get it done, especially if I ever want to get some metal in me.

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nancytoby said...

29 in one week? Sounds like Iron to me!! Any sub-12 mile is a Good Mile in my book, any day!! I don't think I've EVER done a 29-mile week. Ever. Even my Goofy week I only logged 28.1 miles. Well, I had 42 in 2 days, but my week ends on Saturday night. So there, the miles got counted in 2 different weeks. Good thing, because I think I had 0 the whole week before....