Thursday, September 21, 2006

crazy, crazy, crazy

no time to breathe lately, much less post. I was able to catch up on reading most of the folks up and down the blogroll, while waiting for the system today, though.

Hmm, let's see, what's going on? Eating has been better the last two days, but not without much effort. I just have a hard time regulating the sweets, especially when I'm stressed, and trust me, there is so much stress going on right now, I can't begin to describe it. I did choose wisely at lunch today -- we went to a fish place near the office and I went with blackened tilapia, rice and veggies instead of my standard fish tacos or what I REALLY wanted, which was fried catfish and fries.

What else? I've clocked 18 miles so far this week, in three days, actually. I did four on Tuesday, five yesterday, and nine this morning. Today's run involved waking up at 4:30 and hitting the streets at 4:45. Finished in 1:35, for an average of 10:40/mile. The weather was amazing, even with the stiff breeze from the south. Elder Child gave me this little itty battery-operated finger-tip light to use, and it was quite handy for those dark spots on the park trail that are out of reach of the lights. It illuminated a good few feet in front of me, and actually kept me from falling on my face at one curb. So, that was nice, and it was sweet that my boy worries about me while I'm out trying to be some kind of athlete.

The shin was fine today, too, which was a huge relief. Later in the day (about the time I would have taken a nap had this been a weekend!), my lower quad and upper calf were very sore on that leg, though, which makes me think I did something to my gait on that side. But it may also have been related to sitting at my desk for three hours straight coding queries, which isn't really in my job description anymore, but I needed to do it today for several reasons. Can't get into it here, though. Not yet.

So, that's it from these parts. Tomorrow the Elder Child and Hub have tickets to a Stars preseason game, so no Date Night. And on Saturday, DinoBoy and I will be going to an early morning birthday party at the FW Zoo for two of his classmates, but then we're meeting his godmother for lunch. After that, she's taking him for the rest of the weekend. By that time, Hub and Elder Child will be at Royal Memorial Stadium watching this week's slaughter/Longhorn game. Hub scored two tickets on EBay for $46 total, so they're driving down Saturday morning and will be back later that night.

So what is a totally free Skatemom to do with a Saturday afternoon/early evening on her own? The possibilities are endless. Suggestions are welcome, so help me out here so I don't spend the day napping.

UPDATE -- ooooh, almost forgot -- Hub scored tickets for the Who in November. Hopping on the Magic Bus, baby! Never mind that there are only two of them left, and that most of the catalog is now used for CSI franchisees. I'm stoked! after this, I'll only need to see the Police (not Sting solo, the Police) , EC, the Stones and Zeppelin (ain't gonna happen, sadly) to die happy!

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Denise said...

Let's see... is Talladega still playing? :) Let me know what a free Saturday is like.