Tuesday, June 19, 2007

zee bulleted random post

  • 3 miles on the TM today after work, before picking up the bandidos; 32 minutes total
  • Zere is no kitty-cat yet. We'll make a choice and bring her home on Saturday. The boys have been googling cat sites all week. Photos will surely be posted.
  • Why won't my legs float? I'm trying TI drill #1 -- the hide-head float thing -- and my legs always sink. It's quite laughable, actually. Elder Child is amused and yet frustrated at me at the same time: "Mother, it's not hard, look. Just like this. See? OK you try. Nope, not even close... Sheesh."
  • Don't really want to travel too far on 10/28 for a fall marathon -- it's birthday weekend for me & TDP DinoBoy and I don't want to be away from the fam both those days. So still looking for mid-October or early November. Or I'll do Waco again, but this time *really* focus on the hill training so I don't get slammed like I did last year.
  • Where in DFW does one practice an open-water swim? Inquiring minds, zey want to know.
  • Zat is all for now. Peez out!


Vickie said...

You still can visit Michigan that weekend and bring the kids. They might enjoy the change of seasons, since by then it will be cool and the leaves will be changed colors. Good luck with the cat. The TI workshop for my friend finally sealed it for her in swimming. She said she actually likes swimming now, so it must have worked! I'm sure its worth all the money you have to pay. And they can teach you how to float.

From Here to There said...

I'm sorry you're a sinker! I float like a bloated whale. It's a picture!