Sunday, June 24, 2007

7 miles

got up this morning, said hello to the kitty (she was *very* talkative and chatty this morning, after sleeping on my treadmill all night!!), then hit the roads for a little 7 mile run. I've hit all my runs on schedule this week, except for one 5-miler turned to a 4-miler, but that was OK. I set the pace alert on the Garmin to beep at me if I went under 10:15, so I would have to go at a true long-run pace. Otherwise, I find myself going out too fast and then dying in the end. That might be OK for a run under 10 miles, but if I don't get myself out of that habit now, then the longer runs later this summer will not be fun. So I finished strong and when I came in, everyone in the house was still asleep, including lazy bones kitty cat. It's nice to know that I'm missed so terribly when I'm gone!!

we've got tix to the Rangers tonight, so it will be a nice evening out at the game. we may also try to hit the neighborhood pool over at Grandma's this afternoon, so TDP DinoBoy can show off his moves from the last three weeks of swimming lessons. it's a nice lazy Sunday, in other words.

Good luck to those IMCDA folks -- I'll be watching as I can online throughout the day, and dreaming of the day (still a ways out, but not *that* faraway) that I'm out on the course.

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Vickie said...

I think you have great potential to do an IM someday!