Thursday, June 14, 2007

3.5 miles

It's 75 degrees outside. With 77% humidity. Fun times in N.Texas, i tell you what. Sheesh. No matter. 3.5 miles. 34:45 total.

Splits: 10:28, 9:46, 9:40, 4:49 (9:35 pace)

I promise I'll get to more interesting posts soon enough. For now, like I said yesterday, I just need to get my running groove back. Peace out!


TriSaraTops said...

Humidity. NO. FUN. I swear the heat doesn't bother me, it's that dumb humidity! Way to get the run in anyway!

wordgirl said...

Fort Worth blogger here, though I grew up in Arlington. I ran the Cowtown Marathon in '98 and I've done two White Rock Halfs and the relay once. And then? Nothing. I'm back to inching my way to a 5K without killing myself. Glad I found you.

Vickie said...

Well we have the high temps here too, upper 80s, but so far the humidity hasn't been unbearable. This morning I ran 7.5 and it was about 70 degrees, so it was pretty comfortable most of the way, but I was soaked, so would guess the humidity was up.