Friday, June 22, 2007

here she is!!

Princess Summer Blossom. That is what happens when you let the youngest member of the family name the new pet. She's a medium-hair light tortoiseshell kitten, and every bit a spoiled rotten princess already. Very opinionated. Very demanding. But loving and sweet as the day is long.

Better pictures to come as soon as I can find the card reader.


From Here to There said...

Oh my god she's adorable. My uterus is hurting just looking at her... must have more kittens in the house.
KT named our pets too. We had a Tiggie, and a Lucy... who when we noticed nibblies at 7 weeks and that name would never do, became LucyFur, and eventually Lu.

Vickie said...

Very cute. And what a lot of fun she will be!

Jane said...

Luv your new kitty!