Monday, June 11, 2007

The Day in Photos

Be sure to click on the big "I" in the circle under the photos when the slide show starts to get the comments on each shot.

Many, many thanks to my wonderful husband for driving me down there faster than Danica Patrick to get to the expo on time, for putting up with my wailing about my missing chip, and for shepherding a cranky hot 6-year-old for four hours, all while catching the start and finish of each leg. And we're not even talking about the backing I get on a daily basis as I try to fit in the runs, rides and swims while juggling the schedules of the family. Or the inherent support in his very simple question as we drove back to DFW: "So, when is the next one?"

More later.


JohnnyTri said...

First off, Congrats! way to GO! Ur offically a Triathlete!!!!!!

and 2nd off, great job Mr. Skatemom for all that you did, we can't do it without our spouses.

great slide show..


Vickie said...

Nice. Very, very nice. I like the photos and captions. I'll have to look into that program. And now you've arrived! Hugs to your husband. Let him know how important it is to have a support crew in something like this.

From Here to There said...

Great shots! My favorite is 'Almost Ready'. The excitement in your face is just gorgeous.

I got a little teary watching the swim shots. I feel like a proud momma!