Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Look

so I finally decided to change things up a bit. I've always HATED the generic blogger templates, but I lack the technical ability to do anything about it. But I found a little button on the header thing-y today that led me to believe I could add a picture to my header. And with a little MSPaint magic, VIOLA! a new header and a new look. Yes, I know the pix are pixellated -- that was unintentional and a side effect of how I had to transfer the images from my desktop to the laptop, but me kinda likey.

So there.

ORN -- Rest day Sunday and yesterday. Part of it is taper on the plan and part of it was recovery from Saturday morning. And hideous storms last night that made us want to huddle in the hallway instead of doing anyting productive. But for today, I'm planning to fix Elder Child's back tire today so we can go on a 30-minute ride after dinner. Maybe. If not, we'll hit the gym after we put TDP DinoBoy to bed.

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From Here to There said...

Mine needs a makeover as well. Maybe one day :)

4 days to go? Woooooooooo!! :D