Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday run

I actually got out of bed. I got dressed. I grabbed the Garmin and the iPod and headed outside. Winds and lightning in the distance were the first things I saw. Phoo. Another storm.

So back inside. 4 miles on the treadmill, watching coverage of the green and red blobs on the early news. None of which actually ended up coming anywhere near our house. Bah. But I got 4 of the scheduled 5 miles done. I might pick up the last one at the gym before we hit the pool again tonight. Or not. Still building up the mileage to get ready for the fall training schedule -- I gave myself a little wiggle room this week and next. It would also help if I actually committed to a race. Sigh.

Gotta run -- TDP DinoBoy was being sleepy this morning and is still in bed. Gotta rouse him and feed him before I take him to Grandma's for the day.

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JohnnyTri said...

I got the same thing when I went to leave for a bike ride this AM and decided to switch it till this afternoon when it's more like 115* outside.

So whats your Fall race/training plans?