Monday, June 18, 2007

It was a toss-up

between running a recovery 2-miler on the treadmill and going to the pet store to look over the adoption kitties. I was really torn, all morning, between the two.

I was too bone-tired this morning to rouse myself out of bed, and I *thought* I heard storms, so I knew running outside early was out of the equation. So I made a deal that I'd do it at lunch. No problem.

But then I started thinking about the kitties, the little kitties, the little homeless kitties just waiting for someone to bring them home and love them and hug them and call them George. We pretty much decided over the weekend that we would adopt another kitten -- we've been petless in our house for more than a year and we've been debating getting a new baby in the house. This picture in the paper pretty much sealed the deal -- we know we won't get her, but we know we'll find the perfect addition to our family. And I thought maybe I'd use my lunch hour to run up to the mobile adoption center and scope it out. But then I realized I'd very likely be bringing home someone and not giving the kids and Hub a chance to have a say in the selection process. So the TM won out. For now. We will likely not get to the adoption center until the weekend now, but we have a chance to get the house ready before then, so everything will be ready when we bring her home.

Peace out!


Jane said...

Cute kitty vs. treadmill? No contest. What are you going to name your new baby?

Allez said...

Put up pictures of the new addition!