Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've run every day

since last Tuesday. I haven't been able to run outside since Saturday morning. Bah! This morning, the storms really rolled through, with an amazing amount of rain hitting the windows well before the alarm(s) went off. Sigh. Five miles are on the docket for today, and I just couldn't bear the thought of *another* treadmill run, not so early in the morning. And the Elder Child and I went to the pool again last night (700 yards, then "floating" practice again...) so I was really worn out and just couldn't bear it.

I may make it up at the gym tonight -- TDP DinoBoy has discovered that he *loves* the play area there and they' keep it open until 9:30 for the summer, so it's another option. Maybe I won't hate an hour on the TM if I'm on the new big ones there. Doubt it. The alternative is switching with tomorrow's schedule and doing only 2 today, but I hate to start playing that game so early in. I tend to get into trouble with that when it gets to the longer runs, so I'd better just stick to the plan. Maybe it will cool down enough tonight and I can just run outside.... Right, sorry, I got carried away there for a minute. Ha!

Two more days until Kitty Adoption Day!!!

Made it to the gym after 8:00 (had to see the Jim/Pam kiss again on the Office!) and pounded out 5 miles on the TM in about 53 minutes, give or take. Elder Child did 5 miles on the exercycle, then a mile on the TM before retreating to shoot baskets in the play area. TDP DinoBoy didn't want to come home and proceeded to have a fit when it was time to leave. Fun times. At least I won't be guilty when it comes to doing longer workouts at the gym, but they do have a 2-hour time limit!!

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Vickie said...

I think its great you've been sticking to the running, even if some of it is inside. I started a 2 week stint a couple of weeks ago, and I'm glad I did because I find myself getting stronger and able to go longer without walking, so that's a plus. Of course, when I go early in the morning, it is mostly cool! Not sure if I would last in the heat.