Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Da doo doo doo, da da da da

Is it Wednesday already?? Hell, is it almost July already?? Where has the summer gone? It doesn’t even really feel like summer yet – with all the rain around here lately, it feels like it’s still April/May in these parts. All I can say is that I’m glad I’m not traveling right now – I’d never get home with all these t-storms rolling in late afternoons.

The Police were awesome last night. Didn’t play Synchronicity, but that was about the only song that was missing. Awesome version of Roxanne, and they did kind of a combo of the original Don’t Stand So Close to Me and the later slower remix (which I HATED when that came out!!). Funny how 25 years and becoming a parent changes your perspective – when I was 13, that song made me think about the hot teacher in school, but now, hearing it again, it’s just creepy and icky and “Oh, my god, don’t get in his car!!! You wait for the damn bus, I don’t care how much it's raining!!” Actually, hearing all the Police songs at one time like that really highlights how dysfunctional and mentally unstable most of those lyrics are – we’ve got prostitution, stalking, suicide, molestation. Nice. But what pop act of the Aughts makes Oedipus references and uses words like “fruition” in their lyrics these days, I ask ya?!

Hub bought us shirts – I got the retro one with their faces on it, he got the “official” shirt with all the concert dates on the back. He’ll never wear his – it will go in the drawer next to the one from the Depeche Mode 101 Tour and the U2 Joshua Tree tour from 1987.

Oh, and btw, Sting looks pretty much the same as he did back in the 80s heyday. I’m quite convinced he’s got a poster of himself from Dune in his attic aging like Regis Philbin, he’s got to. Dang. Roger Daltrey looks pretty good from across the arena, but up close, like on that CSI episode he guest-starred in, not so much. But Sting, wow. That tantric yoga, clean living stuff must work!!

The only thing that was not fun about the show was the guy sitting next to me kept getting up for beers, which would have been OK if I hadn’t had to keep standing up and sitting down again (plus all the jumping up whenever they played something cool). The lunges and squats from Monday left my legs sore, sore, sore. Hurt-to-sit-down sore. Not-even-after-a-marathon sore. Ouch. And it’s worse today. So between that and not getting home until nearly midnight, I did NOT run this morning. I will do it tonight, scout’s honor. And more weights are on tap too. Which means I’ll do 3 miles today before I do weights (or after, I never can remember which you’re supposed to do first) and 6 tomorrow, in the morning. Really, I will. Seriously. Promise.

Update: Did another set of weights and such (the crunches and squats HURT today), then went swimming with the Elder Child. He has his own gym membership now, so he was thrilled to use his little card for the first time. We did 100 yds warmup, then a 700 yard set that went like this:
50 * 4
100 * 2
50 * 4
25 * 4
There was very little rest between sets there, but the good news is that I was able to do the 100 yard segments at a stretch without having to stop at the end of the pool and recover. I could just hit the wall, turn around and go. This is big-time progress for me. Then when we got home, I jumped on the TM for a bit (had to kick the cat off her perch to do it!!) and ran 2 miles in 21:30. Not the full 3, but enough to loosen up the legs and keep the streak going.


wordgirl said...

Yeah...Sting's made a deal with the devil on the aging homefront, but I like Stewart Copeland.

Vickie said...

Its always weird going to concerts of the groups around when we were young. My son recently went to Bob Seger and I asked if he knew anyone and he said everyone was probably over 40. Another observation by my daughter's boyfriend was it was mullet mania. But it sounds like the music was good and you had fun! Now go run!

From Here to There said...

Sting is such a babe. Yum. Focus....

Glad you liked the show! Hope your run went well!