Tuesday, September 02, 2008

still here, still running

still slow. I did the Nike Plus Human Race thingy on Sunday. I had to dust off the Nike+ receiver and tape it to the tongue of my shoe, and reclaim the iPod Nano from the boy to do it, but it was done. Very slowly. Even without the HR monitor (and, yes, I know, I probably set myself back even further by disregarding my HR for it, but I really just needed to run, y'know?) I still only managed slower than a 12:00/mile pace. Yes, it was hot, but still, that's just pathetic. I'm convinced it's the extra weight I'm carrying, and the fact that I spent the summer walking instead of running. Damn. But, hey, I participated in the biggest marketing event for Nike, so I'm still cool, right? Right?

anyway, that's it for now. just wanted to let everyone know that I hadn't drowned in my own sorrows yet. We have one more week to get a contract on our house or the builder sells our new one out from under us. Nice. We had about twelve showings over the weekend, which meant we couldn't even relax and enjoy ourselves at home since we always had to vacate the premises. A couple of them seem promising, but until we actually have something in writing, and they have decent credit, it's not worth geting our hopes up.

So, yeah, that's it. Whee.

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