Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hot & Sweaty

ugh, hadn't been that bad in a while. Yesterday morning's run was just sticky and nasty. I had to walk a bit toward the middle of mile 4 since it was just so humid that I had a hard time keeping up my pace. But I got it done.

Today, both Hub and I were up at o-dark-thirty to finish up some deadline-related work, so no run this morning. The plan is to dress in running gear for skating and scouts this afternoon so as soon as I get home about 7:30 I can hit the road for a quick 5 miles before the boys to go to bed. That way I won't be up as late trying to cool down and unwind. That's the plan, at least. Maybe since it's been raining a little more that tonight's run won't be so hot & sweaty as yesterday's. heh. Yeah, never mind.

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