Thursday, September 11, 2008

The makings of a very bad day

I knew it. Buyers backed out of the contract on our house. Said their daughter has allergies and they weren't convinced we would have cleaned the place thoroughly enough to get rid of the cat hair. Never mind that we were already giving them $1K to re-do the carpet. Nope, not good enough. Did they think we were going to wipe the cats on the walls on our way out the door or something?? leave furballs in the vents? Dude, what more do you want us to do besides shampoo the carpets and have the rest of the bare floors and tile professionally cleaned? Whatever.

So now we're back to the drawing board. We had two other offers we turned down and now we're having to go back to them and say, "um, yeah, hi... please buy our house..."

F#@$ me.

And just to throw a little salt in the wound, TDP DinoBoy looked at me last night and asked earnestly, "Mom, do you think we'll move to our new house by our birthday? I want to have my party there."

F$#@# me twice.

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