Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6 Lake Shore miles

we got out of class a little bit early today (shhh, don't tell!), so I laced up the new kicks and headed out of the hotel toward the lake today. Did a nice out-and-back from the hotel down to Navy Pier and Olive Park, then up the Lake Shore bike trail to Lincoln Park, where a bunch of guys were sitting on park benches playing chess. Pretty cool. Lots of people out and about enjoying the mid-70s weather, and it was just a really nice run. Ended up measuring out at just under 6 miles in 1:07, but that included waiting for lights and cars at the corners on Illinois. Not a bad run at all.

Got upgraded to a suite, so I'm sitting in the living area contemplating what I want to have for dinner. Not really feeling like cleaning up to go out, especially by myself, so I'll probably just go out and bring something back in. I'm not at all freaked about running out in strange cities by myself at all hours of the day, but something about going out to a restaurant by myself I just can't do. Weird, I know, but whatevah. Gotsa run. Hopefully I'll have a chance to run around the blogosphere and be a commenting fool later tonight. Peace out!


Just12Finish said...

Nice! I haven't run north past Olive Park, but you can try the south route tomorrow from Navy Pier to Soldier Field. It's also about 6 mile-ish. Have fun!

TxTriSkatemom said...

that was my plan!! That'll take me by Shedd Aquarium and the museum, too, right? I think that's what I was thinking. Weather couldn't be nicer for it, and it helps to be done with work by 5:00 with nothing else on the schedule!!