Thursday, September 25, 2008

6.5 miles the other way

so today, we had to stay in class until 5:00 (what up wid dat?), so I didn't head out to the lake until closer to 5:30. Ended up going toward Navy Pier from the hotel, then south on Lake Shore to the Shedd Aquarium and the planetarium. Just a couple of hours earlier, I'd chatted with Elder Child on the phone and he asked me if it was indeed windy in the Windy City. I had to laugh because, actually, it wasn't very windy at all yesterday. In fact, I was kinda wishing for a breeze yesterday because it was a bit hotter than I thought it would be. But today, it was a little windy today. But not until I got all the way around the planetarium, and then it was like running into a wind tunnel. Crazy. But I managed to make the back end of the run just about 8 seconds longer then the out end, so I thought that was a pretty good pace in any case. I think I like the northern route I ran yesterday a little bit better, if only because it was a little more natural and beachy, whereas there were just a lot of boats on the southern route. Whatever, both are a hecka nicer than the 'hood around my current house.**

So, I've got to try to get the afternoon-running arse out of bed early enough tomorrow to get a few miles in before class, since I'll be on a plane tomorrow night and won't have a chance to run then. It might mean that I'll miss Angel on TNT, too, which is a shame, since I just discovered that show. I sense that I'll be doing some DVD sessions soon -- it's a pretty groovy show and I'm getting pulled in right toward the end, it seems. But, I guess it will have to happen, right? And it'll be nice to see the sun coming up over the lake, too. That's all for now, I think. Time to tuck in so that I can get up and out the door in time, plus I have to pack. That travel day thing, you know.

**Oh, and in neighborhood news, Hub called me this morning and said that the cops were parked outside arresting the kid who lives next door. Said it was just like the scene in Boyz in the Hood. 7:10 in the morning, so who knows what was happening or what he was taken in for. I do know that I've caught the kid messing with the mailboxes up and down the street at least once, and when I warned him not to do it, he threw attitude at me and shrugged me off. And at least two other folks on the street have told me that he's bad news. So, yeah, I know, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but still.

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