Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4 miles

four miles. left the house at 5:30. It was downright chilly, but felt great, especially after a few days of high humidity. Total time was 44:31, so I was going at over 11:00 miles, but I don't really care. Not today. It felt good all the way through, with no residual soreness from Sunday's long run. The speed will come back, I know it. Just a matter of miles and time.

that is all for now. gotta get some work done before I have to leave the premises for yet another showing. more later, if I get a chance. have a good Tuesday.

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Bev said...

Hey, here is the link to the New Balance series. There is a marathon division as well that has the ramp up to longer distances. My running partner will be doing that one. Hope to see you there.